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  1. Don't send him back to Pittsburgh we don't want him!! lol
  2. wow, this is awesome!! 3 days and still crying about Crosby, I love it lol
  4. I love Detroit fans!! you guys dont give up lol YOU LOST!! did every team come after you guys this year for wining last year? uuuum nope lol got to love it
  5. detroit fans see it as Crosby didnt shake hands. pittsburgh fans see it as he didnt wait long enough. WHO REALLY CARES GET OVER IT.
  6. ok i know this will get me banned ,but you guys make us Pens fans feel so much better by posting crap like this thread,just shows us how you are a bunch of sore losers lol keep it going were enjoying this as we have nothing to do untill Monday when we have our parade downtown ,well gnite all i'm going to go search the web for Crosby videos and commercials
  7. i have read this and as a pens fan have laughed so much my stomach hurts . thank you guys
  8. they do sterilize it they just did when it came to pittsburgh yesterday
  9. I love you Max "superstar" Talbot!! don't ever change!!! !!!
  10. no problem, anytime
  11. I just ordered my Malkin jersey and my wife and son ordered Crosby jerseys . again thanks for a great series
  12. he was the first guy holding that big shiny cup thingy that you get for win ing this game called hockey