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  1. Babcock coaching philosophy?

    The Wings philosophy has been to respect and keep the older guys. Chelios and McCarty were absolute wastes of roster space (and yes, we lost Quincy because of it). Helm, Aberkader, and Leino should have got more ice time this season. In games 1 & 2, these guys added the spark we needed. Their energy was so apparent when they were on the ice. After our super flat game 6, the fact the Babs did not go to our youth was a huge mistake. Holmer, Drapes, and Malts: I love you guys for what you have done in the past; but the past is the past - they were all absolutely terrible in game 7. This is the Wings demise. Stop cuddling the older guys: when they are no longer effective, they must be gone. Trade, release, or otherwise; the Wings have to get the stones to make these tough decisions. There is no way this team as is, one year older, will get to the finals next year.
  2. Babcock sums it up in one sentence...

    We looked tired because we had all our young guys sitting. Babs blew it big time for sitting Abdelkader. Leino should have been playing as well after our sorry Game 6. Malts and Draper or Holmer should have sat Game 7. Sorry, it hurts to sit those guys, I love them; but this is professional sports and the Wings have to figure that out. We wasted a roster spot with McCarty and Chelios this year. We need to sack up every season and make the cuts that have to be made. How much better would Helm be if he played at this level all season?