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  1. Draper ticked that Crosby snubbed Lidstrom

    Dr Rosenrosen basically just proved everyone wrong here. Why couldn't Lidstrom wait for Crosby? Or be a very gracious loser and even approach him to congratulate him? I'm not calling Lidstrom a bad guy or anything. In fact everything I've ever heard about him indicates that he's a great guy and a great captain. But the same questions you're raising about Crosby not going over to him could be asked of Lidstrom. And if you listened to Crosby's post game he talked about his injury and the pain killers he took so he could try to play. So let's see, a 21 year-old kid who is feeling good from pain killers just wins the trophy he's worked his whole lilfe to get and is now being mobbed by the media...I can't find one reason there why he wouldn't be speed skating over to Nick to shake his's not a lack of respect it was a matter of circumstances!! And as for Sid being the face of the NHL, you're touching yourself if you think he's not. Babcock himself said so when he was talking about all the commercials Crosby is in. It's not his fault that the NHL chose him to rally their marketing around. Same with the Gretzky comparisons. Crosby never begged scouts and analysts to say that about him. He earned those comparisons cause he's awesome. And he must be having an effect because if you looked at the ratings for these playoffs, they were the highest in about 7 or 8 years. Oh, and Max Talbot had more points than every Wing except for Zetterberg who tied him. And Hossa only had 15 points for the entire playoffs opposed to 26 last year when he played along side...wait for it...Sidney Crosby! So tell me about how great the Wings did at keeping our guys off the scoresheet.
  2. Crosby didn't shake our players hands?

    Ok, first thing first. Yes I'm from Pittsburgh and yes I just joined this forum today. But I've been reading it since the series started and this is the thread that made me want to join in. Let me say that as a Steelers and Pens fan I read a lot of opposing teams boards and this one is honestly the best I've seen in terms of telling it like it is and not just being a bunch of homers. Also, I was at games 3, 4, and 6 last year and games 4 and 6 this year and the Wings fans that came to Pittsburgh were all pretty cool and good sports through everything. Regarding this series, I definately thought it would be short after dropping games 1 and 2. You guys have an unreal team and I'm hoping players start leaving cause I really don't want to have to face the Wings again next year, although a rubber match would be pretty awesome. But as for Crosby, some of you people are way out of line. This kid is only 21 to start with. Take a look around at your local college and see how 21 year-olds behave. Crosby is the most mature 21 year-old I've ever seen considering the spot-light that's been on him for close to a decade already. Ask any of the players (including vets like Billy Guerin and Sergi Gonchar) and they'll say he's a great leader and a great captain. As for his respect for the game, he has enough respect to do his talking on the ice and not showboat the way Ovechkin does. Watch his post game interview from game 7 when he was asked about being booed by 20,000 Wings Fans when he was injured. He took it in stride and didn't have any snide remarks about that classy display. Seems like most people on here recognize that Crosby is amazing (probably the best all-around player in the game) and you'd love to have in Detroit the same way we'd love to have Zetterberg. As for the rest that think he's overrated and a cry baby, you probably said the same thing about Gretzky and Lemieux... Anyways, big thanks to Detroit. First Jerome Bettis, then Super Bowl XL, now the Cup!! Your city just keeps giving to Pittsburgh and we love it.