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  1. Ed Belfour

    put down the crack pipe
  2. training camp

    I want to go see the wings in camp up in traverse city and was wondering how to get tickets, how much they cost ETC
  3. Holland "Not Optimistic" about re-signing Hossa

    until he signs somewhere else i won't stop thinking he will be a wing both sides are posturing
  4. 2009 NHL Entry Draft GDT

    the finns fought the russians while the russians had an alliance with germany
  5. Jay Bouwmeester's Rights traded to Calgary

    Roenick when he went to the flyers I think but don't qoute me. more likely just trying to get a better price
  6. Free Agents That Might Sign with The Wings

    we brought back Hasek anything is possble
  7. Free Agents That Might Sign with The Wings

    well we don't need everybody to put up points downey is a liabilty out their, we do need a tough every time we won the cup we had a tough guy Kocur 97, 98, mccarty 02, and drake last year. neil would be good, picture helm, neil together on a line
  8. What would people think about getting these players?

    my point is this are any of these guys gonna be another Ray Whitney, where thy need a ton of pp time or ice time to put up the points. While Hudler has no size in his small amount of pp and ice time he does put up points
  9. Rafalski, Stuart, Draper, Maltby, Holmstrom and Filppula

    2006 poor post season by pavel Datsyuk LGW answer trade him how many bad postseasons did yzerman have federov shannahan lidstrom every great player has bad post seasons deal with it people if we an keep hossa we do it
  10. Holland has been qouted as saying that his defense is set
  11. Wings fans listen up

    what sucks is every game we see this coming season will show a highlight of chin pubes AKA cindy crosby hoisting the cup. the fact that all we will hear are the gretsky comparisons. even though he did jack s*** in the finals. that is the depressing thing that makes me thankful I do not have cable right now
  12. why not grab some playoff style defensemen?

    you took the words right out of my mouth.
  13. Who is worse to lose to

    That is the question it hurt losing to Anahiem bt not like this with the golden boy cindy and the rest. I can't take a whole season of seeing highlights of cindy raising his cup orthe other crap. I just checked TSN and found five stories about cindy and felt like I was stabbed. so who hurts more losing to the goon Pronger or the crybaby Cindy
  14. Jay Bouwmeester

    Raffi did have a bad playoff bt here is the thing if we got rid of players for having a bad palyoff Yzerman would not have won a cup along with Federov Datsyuk, Zettebrg and many more inlcuding Lidstrom
  15. Get a new goalie- Get a good goal scorer

    yah this is briliant get rid of Ozzzie who would have won the Conn smythe if we had won for Khabibulin who looks like aside from his cup win with Tampa has been a s***ty playoff goaltender especilly this playoff come on put down the pipe