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  1. Wings will be a better team in 09/10

    the world doesn't center around the detroit red wings. just because i don't consider that a few of your best players are elite does not mean i don't know anything about hockey. elite = crosby, malking, ovechkin, lidstrom, niedermayer, pronger, broduer. zetterberg and datkuk simply are not of this level.
  2. Wings will be a better team in 09/10

    who? that bonehad jonathan erikson? lol. the truth is that other than lidstrom the wings have a lot of very good players but no franchise types. that includes datsuk and zetterberg - both very good but not elite. there is no one the wings have in their system that you can put that franchise label on.
  3. Wings will be a better team in 09/10

  4. Wings will be a better team in 09/10

    your making my argument for me. lidstrom is great and he is irreplaceable. once he goes, the team will go too. i'm sorry but it will take 2-3 players to replace him and the wings right now don't have that. you have no near future after osgood leaves (also old).mccollum is ok and won't even be available for another 3 years.
  5. Wings will be a better team in 09/10

    our future is looking a little bit brighter than yours right now. once lidstrom goes, the team will go. you will never replace him. it will be 30 years before you get another guy like that. we have a lot of young promising defenseman and some good young forwards. don't forget hiller is only going to get better.
  6. Wings will be a better team in 09/10

    there's no way the wings are going to be better unless they make a significant trade. lidstrom is one of the all time great defenseman but he's old now. he is basically the centerpiece for your franchise. as he goes, so do the wings. osgood is not an elite goaltender and could play like he did in the regular season this past year. most importantly, i'm not sure the wings will be able to handle the mental aspect of losing to an "inferior" team.
  7. Chris Pronger traded to Philly

    lol you guys still bitter about the cup? so bitter that you are still taking shots at crosby and are now hoping pronger hits him hard when the flyers/pens play? seriously, just get over the fact that you lost and move on. i can understand you being bitter towards a rival like the ducks or hawks, but the pens are in the other conference. you had your chance to beat them, but were outcoached and outplayed in the last 2 games.
  8. Draper ticked that Crosby snubbed Lidstrom

    crosby was going after the puck. franzen saw sid coming up the boards and saw his chance to hit a smaller player. it was KNEE ON KNEE. sid never saw franzen and certainly didn't expect a vicious hit to his knee. look at the first smaller frame you posted. you can't tell from the larger pic but can from the smaller pic that franzen hit Sid's knee with his knee. if he wanted to go after the pens star players, why didn't he go after malkin? because malkin would have kicked his rear.
  9. Draper ticked that Crosby snubbed Lidstrom

    i'm not stupid enough to believe you by looking at one frame. franzen made no attempt to go after the puck on that play. he took sidney out with a vicious and blatent hit to his knee. sidney was defenseless at the point. and franzen has a history of being dirty. he got suspended for an entire year back in sweden for knocking down a ref. some things never change. they call him the mule but he's more like a donkey.
  10. Draper ticked that Crosby snubbed Lidstrom

    he didn't "grab" anything. his arm simply happened to be touching franzen's shoulder like a fly. you're making it sound as if crosby grabbed onto his jersey or something. you are obviosly not watching the replay.
  11. Draper ticked that Crosby snubbed Lidstrom

    sid never nicked the puck. the puck was going up the boards. sid was going after it. franzen with his oversized body put his left knee and all his weight onto sid's left knee. it was knee on knee. crosby never had the puck. this is arguably worse than kronwall's hit on havlat, who had the puck around his skates but never touched it. notice how franzen never made any additional effort to go after the puck after the hit. he slowed sid up, put his left arm out to impede crosby and simply skated away without much effort.
  12. Draper ticked that Crosby snubbed Lidstrom

    well ok. we had nothing to do with it. the red wings choked on their own. there, happy?
  13. Draper ticked that Crosby snubbed Lidstrom

    uum ok. franzen made NO effort whatsover after the hit to get the puck. in fact if anything he slowed up and prevented crosby from getting it. and crosby wasn't holding onto anything. his arm just happened to be on franzen's shoulder but in no way was it preventing franzen from going after the puck. franzen is a big 6'3 guy and crosby is only 5'11. you're telling me that a smaller guy like crosby who is obviously in serious pain at that moment was strong i enough or summoned the will to hold a much bigger johan franzen up? that's a brainless comment.
  14. Draper ticked that Crosby snubbed Lidstrom

    maybe we didn't win but we took you down with us. we hit you so hard you didn't have the legs to skate in the SCF. and you can keep talking about beating us off a cheap dan clearly goal. i'd rather lose early than in the SCF by one goal in what will likely be a devastating loss that the wings just won't be able to shake off.
  15. Draper ticked that Crosby snubbed Lidstrom

    the guy never went for the puck. franzen stick was no where near the puck. his focus was to take sidney out. i'm not the only one who thought the hit was dirty. even a toronto star writer feels the same way. bottom line was that frazen's hit was illegal, just like pronger's hit to tomas holmstrom in 2007 or niedermayer's elbow to datsyuk this year.