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  1. Fischler's been irrelevant for so long I thought he was literally dead. He should just stick to writing books about the New York subway. It's amusing that someone crying about goon hockey (read:playoff hockey) holds Marc Messier in such high regard. Hello Pot? Meet Kettle
  2. Well, he did once say that Denis Potvin was better than Bobby Orr
  3. What a shock that a Ranger fan would write such a Pulitzer winning piece
  4. Youtube's a wonderful thing Look for last year's cup celebration, and how much time passed between the final buzzer and the beginning of the handshake line. Then do the same for this year's. You'd be surprised at the results.
  5. And look how well that turned out. I live near Ottawa and know a ton of Senator fans who can't stand the guy. With all the talent in the world, he preferred to sort of blend in instead of stand out, especially in the playoffs where others like Alfredsson and Yashin and Havlat would do the heavy lifting. It's one of the main reasons he signed with Detroit, because he didn't have to be the centerpiece just like in Ottawa. He's been an underachiever his entire career and Holland should just stick to signing his home grown talent rather than someone who prefers to be a passenger.
  6. Watch the NBC video and you see Crosby skating towards the line but stops to be a CAPTAIN and congratulate and celebrate with the taxi squad. Shame on him
  7. All I know is that Draper should have used the memories of 4 Cup wins to stick around on the ice for another 30 seconds instead of being a, yeah you guessed it, a whiner. Remember, you can't spell Kris Draper without "Kid Raper"
  8. Millionaires like team owners usually have "Guest houses" that are bigger than anything people like you and me will ever live in.