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  1. blackbarbie11

  2. Hossa: "Its great to be in a hockey town."

    Why do you say that? They don't have full crowds in Detroit? Let's see don't the Red Wings play at the Joe Louis arena? Just wondering.... BB11
  3. why not n can we go for alex radulov?

    Alexanader Radulov made it perfectly clear to our GM and everyone that he has no intentions of leaving the Russian league or coming back to Nashville, or playing in the NHL.
  4. Predict The Wings Next Season

    I predict that the Red Wings are going to have a great 2009-2010 season!
  5. Steve Sullivan

    Sorry guys, Sullivan is staying right here in Nashville!!!!!
  6. Team USA Invites: Camp in August

    My baby defenseman Ryan Suter!!!!! :patriot:
  7. Player chooses Girlfriend over drug test; Suspended

    lol you are a trip! okay we can be friends.
  8. Player chooses Girlfriend over drug test; Suspended

    lol Well he is! Sounds like your fiance has good taste if she think's Martin Erat is hot, not to mention she's going to marry you!
  9. Player chooses Girlfriend over drug test; Suspended

    Well I know that CZECH guys are really hot (Martin Erat)!
  10. Why does this forum hate Zetterberg?

    I certainly don't hate him. I think Henrik Zetterberg is an awesome, experienced hockey player. He is one of my favorite NHL players (even if he's not a Pred). Personally I think Zetterberg is one of the best NHL players in the league.
  11. NHL Awards Discussion Thread

    You are off the hook!
  12. NHL Awards Discussion Thread

    I enjoyed the NHL Awards last night. I thought all of the athletes looked very handsome all dressed up. I also enjoyed the performance by Chaka Kahn. And of course I have to send a special shout out to my Nashville Predator Steve Sullivan (even though he seemed really nervous) for winning the Masterton Award. And again I think all of the European players have really cute accents especially Malkin.
  13. Loving the NHL

    Congradulations to all of the nominees and winners last night at the NHL Awards. And a special congrads to my Nashville Predator Steve Sullivan for winning the Masterton Award, all of his hard work and dedication to the game of hockey paid off. Oh and I think Malkin has the cutest accent. I enjoyed the show very much.
  14. Worst NHL Team Names, Logos, or Colors?

    Yeah I like that. You are very creative. You should have a job with the NHL designing team jerseys.
  15. Worst NHL Team Names, Logos, or Colors?

    So you don't like the Preds saber-tooth tiger logo? What logo would you suggest? And what color jerseys should they have?