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  1. Trade Franzen for a goalie? haha

    y would anyone want to get rid of franzen. i think he is the only one that had a half way decent offensive series against blues.. u guys are nuts. how can u be fans and then after two games jump ship on every player we have. damn!! the mule is the man
  2. [GDT] 10/2 - Blues 4, Red Wings 3 (Stockholm)

    u guys are crazy first goal was the only one ozzy coulda saved. our defense in 2nd looks brutal they are beating us to every puck and out hustling us on the boards. typical ozzy haters lol
  3. streams?

    any streams for the game today? i have dtv but didnt no is there were any
  4. DirecTV dropping Versus network

    is there any streams for the game today at 2?
  5. DirecTV dropping Versus network

    glad to hear that. if we dont get versus at least we can get most of season free. good job!!!
  6. DirecTV dropping Versus network

    i got my first installement of 44.95 on my bill for center ice. after reading all of ur posts on here, i decided to call and try what u guys did. except when i called i told the guy i called a week prior threatening to switch to dish network and the only reason i was staying with directv is because the supervisor offered me center ice for free. she switched me over to an executive or something like that and he was real nice and gave me center ice for free the whole year, and the sports pack free for three months!! i couldnt believe it!! i hope everyone else does the same i saved $164 just by making a 10 minute phone call woohoo go wings!!
  7. DirecTV dropping Versus network

    has anyone with directv been charged for center ice. somehow on their website it says i have a credit of $25. so i hit the activity since last statement and it says i have center ice and have gotten to credits of 12.99 for "SPORTSfor3MoDUO". anybody else get this? also with games starting this weekend i have yet to be charged for it. hopefully they screwed up and think i already paid
  8. center ice?

    hmmm. i havent been charged yet. will have to call and yell again lol. i hope they pick the games up but from what i heard they probably wont cuz of the contract with versus. but lets pray they do.
  9. center ice?

    does anyone know when center ice starts? i have the auto renew but they have no schedule posted or start dates on the website, so i just want to make sure i dont miss the first game whoops i mean second cuz first is on versus grrrrrr.
  10. DirecTV dropping Versus network

    i just got off the phone with direcTV and he said they have no intentions to get versus back on. he said he thinks its done for good on direcTV. also he said he thinks that center ice will pick up some of the games that are on versus. i dunno how cuz of the contracts but that would be a plus since we have i think 9 games on there. all i got out of it for a discount was 5 dollars for three months. big wip. and he was an ass. might be time to switch
  11. Any streams for tonights Philly game ?

    2-0 flyers listening to phili radio
  12. Any streams for tonights Philly game ?

    i cant get game on that stream anyothers that work thanks?
  13. Any streams for tonights Philly game ?

    how does that one work i went to site. do i have to sign up or does it just pop up when game starts thanks go wings
  14. Red Wings at Flyers

    anyone got any streams for the game tonight?
  15. Lineups for tonights game

    how do u do the streams? im on the rags to riches site and am a little confused, does it just pop up when game starts?