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  1. Detroitboogie

  2. Hossa to have surgery...

    I would believe they are sugar coating the amount of time it will take to get him back in the lineup. From my own experience I had a rotator cuff surgery and it took me 7 months to regain full motion back in my shoulder. I had an extra 4 weeks of rehab too. And now 3 years later I still have problems with stiffness and pain some days. I'm just glad it wasn't my right shoulder or I wouldn't be able to play my favorite sport of softball without issues. But, everyone reacts different to surgeries and i'm not a well honed professional at any sport so I could be off on this one, but shoulders are tough joints to rehab. I hope he gets well soon so I can see him get...KRONWALLED!!
  3. Holland: Hossa Hurt Before Joining Wings

    He should just go ahead and get the surgery to fix the problem now, that way he can return in time before the all-star break.
  4. The most at risk sports teams (per

    I have seen a consistant amount of fans at Tigers games since the 2006 season. Before that season I could buy a $5 ticket and sit anywhere in the park because less than 20k were showing up. So to write something like that now is bad timing by about 4 years. If the Tigers make the playoffs Comerica will be sold out every night. We watched 15 years of horrible baseball in Detroit, now that the Tigers are looking like a contender again we get that trash. Who remembers when the Twins were going to be dissolved a few years back? That didn't seem to happen, now they are building a new stadium in MN.
  5. Holmstrom speculates that this is his last season

    I guess those constant chops and pokes the goalies give him, plus the uncalled cross checks to the lumbar area and the acrobatics he does to get a redirect or to avoid the boomer from the blue line take a toll. It would be sad to lose the master of the goalie screen.
  6. Holland ESPN Interview

    Bertuzzi just didn't seem to like his time in Detroit. He seemed a little out of place. But I do like 'tuzzi, but will he be willing to play in the red and white??
  7. Claude "Turtle" Lemieux retires

    I love the collection of videos showing Claude getting his ass kicked.....Priceless.
  8. Holland confirms that Hudler will play in KHL

    What is this all about anyway?? What is Hudler leaving for, the money or what? This really surprised me, I didn't see this coming.
  9. Post Everytime You Look

    I got a new job!!! Hooray!!
  10. Chris Osgood message board poster?

    Well, good for whoever wrote that reply. Whatever ******* has to dog a player and his family needs to be put back in line. To bother any famous person for autographs while they are eating dinner with their family is a dick move anyway. I hope it was Ozzie. I know of a bunch of people that had items signed in Troy one summer and I never heard anyone say he was a dick about signing anything.
  11. Detroit isn't that great at Drafting

    Why doesn't this guy go back farther than 1994? Is it because it fits his arguement better? If I remember correctly Scotty wasn't big on playing the young guys at all. Not only that but the Wings have had a top notch system that may have been very hard to break into if your a rookie under Scotties watch. Since that was the case these draftees didn't get the NHL ice time to develope(just my theory). But who cares anyway, 4 cups in those 15 years works pretty good IMO.
  12. Yzerman GM in Chicago soon?

    It's impossible. Stevie is a cyborg kinda like Robocop but better, his internal computer programming would not allow him to leave the organization. It's the directive 4 that Mike Illich had put in place just in case Stevie became rogue. SO, don't worry it will never happen.
  13. Wings will re-sign Leino to a 2-year deal

    Huds must have had a bolt knocked loose when he was crushed at center ice in the 2nd round. 2.5 mil sounds like the right number for Hudler to stay in town, it's not like he set the world on fire last year.
  14. OFFICIAL: 12y, $62.4m makes Hossa a 'Hawk

    I guess we know how those Pens felt when he cut on them and came to Detroit following the 2008 Finals. Maybe we'll get the last laugh on that one just like the Pens did. Hossa is a jinx.
  15. Toledo Walleye Affiliation?

    I wish they would have kept the old name. The Storm is way cooler then The Walleye. But, I'll have to get back to the old stompin grounds to check out The Walleye, they built a new arena downtown Toledo and it looks pretty nice.