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  1. This is the way I am looking at it..Hopefully the new barn will help re-energize the group Edit: oh yeah, and fire Blash...please and thank you
  2. Well it's been a while since I have been able to watch the wings for a full game, its been generally a few minutes here and there plus highlights...WOW is all that comes to mind
  3. I won't lie by the end when he went to the bench I probably would have taken my skate off & stabbed him with it.
  5. Like everything I guess the more people that become aware of Reddit:NHLstreams the more often they are taken down mid game. This whole past season it was my go to and without a flaw 95% were Youtube streams (the best IMO) but in the last month of the season it seemed that NHL became savvy to it and started shutting them down on the regular. Point still remains that there needs to be a legal way to stream games consistently from where ever we may be.
  6. I don't know, there is something to be said about the consistency & reliability of Danny D. He's easily a pair for the top D or he's keeping the 2nd pair in order. Either way he's certainly an unsung hero on this squad much like his idol was-game in and game out
  7. AND when he played he was not the same player, not even close. Pavs said 2 years until his ankle will be 100%, his ankles are such an important part of how he dangles the pants off people. This past season was a little sad for his last one, coupled with his ailment he was taken down by slashes, trips you name it all season long and most were non calls. You could see the emptiness he had while looking at the ref. Oh well ces't la vie
  8. yeah I must agree that there is no call on this play...Though it's pushing it, moreless as the dude obviously has no grab on his shaft whatsoever (pardon me?!) ....some more size and Bert jr. just might make this squad
  9. I voted better. Holland made some moves and I think he has 1 more to go. For now I'm going to focus on the forwards as other then a top pairing D man our problem is scoring. If you look at who could be the 12 men on the roster the goals should go up this year Zetterberg Nielson Nyquist Tatar Larkin Abdelkader Vanek Mantha Helm Sheahan Anthanassiou Glendening/Miller ......I like the look of this, adding Nielson & Vanek should prove to be very wise moves. A lot still remains to be seen, will a trade lose Tats, Goose, Matha or perhaps all in a blockbuster. Time will tell but I'm more optimistic then last year
  10. signed

    These awkward forks in the road of these threads amuses me
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    I think perhaps since Helm took the "discount" (I do believe he would have gotten more yesterday from one of the teams interested in his services) that Kenny will have Helmer on the trade block-he doesnt have a no trade clause does he? He could fit nicely in a package
  12. Being that Larkin is the future C, and Zetterberg in all honesty is less then 5 years out...Id be giving the A to Dylan Larkin, then the C in a few years.
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    I would doubt it, I'd hope that Vanek is and Nielson are small nudges to help Tats and Goose score. They alone will not fill that void. I love the Vanek deal, it adds some hope.
  14. In my opinion I would have taken Eric Stall at 3.5, thats what makes Nielson hurt more.
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    I am very glad we kept him, and a very typical salary too so at least we didn't overpay to retain him...