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  1. and this team has a 5 game trip starting Sunday? We'll be lucky to win 1 they way they play on the road
  2. game over, see you Friday
  3. anyone want to support Ozzie on that one?
  4. bye bye power play
  5. they call that s***, but Hank's isn't a penalty. . . screw these refs
  6. some 2nd unit
  7. Time for a PP goal
  8. nice post Eaves
  9. good PK
  10. Holy s***! A Face-off win
  11. where the hell was Kronwall shooting?
  12. at least someone else understands. . . no way we should have lost to LA and PHX AT HOME WITH A 2 GOAL LEAD I don't see the killer instinct that they need. Only 30 games left, gang. . . and we have a 6 game road trip starting Sun
  13. Love the honesty. . . good luck with the girl
  14. They don't even play 60. . . didn't you watch last night?