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  1. MC5Rock

  2. Wings sign Todd Bertuzzi

    Me's the famous "Kronwalled!" shot ...........................
  3. Devellano says Wings close to signing Bertuzzi

    My feelings exactly ............
  4. Ok. I have a ton of VHS tapes from the 80's/90's. I'll check and see if any are of the games you want.............
  5. Are you still looking for these ??
  6. Jason Williams Close To 1 Year Deal

    I gotta agree. I loved the Bruise Brothers, the McCarty fights with Caudia, etc, but IMO they knew when to pick a fight and when to let the skill guys play. Goons are a dime a dozen, I'd rather have skill guys who can score and hold their own in a fight, and IMO the Euro guys, at least on the Wings, are tough enough. I don't know about Kronwall's fighting ability but he doesn't need to when he can hit like a ton of bricks.
  7. Shanahan and or Sundin to Wings?

    I hope it is .................
  8. Thanks for the Season Marian

    Exactly how I feel. I never thought he would stay, at times he seemed like a ghost, and not I'm not referring to the playoffs, he just seemed....I don't know..........not really there, like he was just stopping by while on his way to somewhere else. Anyway, I will be sick too if the crowd boos him. If that happens, all our talk of being educated, knowledgeable, mature, been there done that hockey fans goes out the window, and we reduce ourselves to Pittsburg levels. How can they boo someone who was A) only on their team due to a trade, and B) only there for one season. Please, I beg of booing
  9. OFFICIAL: 12y, $62.4m makes Hossa a 'Hawk

    Agree 100%. IMO if the Wings really wanted Hossa to stay, they would have upped the ante. What he got from Chicago is not that much more than Detroit's offer. Maybe Hossa faltering in the final was the fly in the ointment. He might have scored 40 goals next year, but then again maybe he's the A Rod of hockey, so much talent if not for that little dark cloud that follows him around. Anyway, I hope fans don't boo him next time he sets foot in JLA. He was only here for a season.......and he always seemed like he was just visiting anyway, just testing the waters. Besides, we laughed at Pittsburgh fans for booing him.......we would look ridiculous if we did the same. I get why Detroit fans booed Fedorov, I didn't like it but at the same time agreed with it. He was here for many many years and was part of the Wings family, then he left like it was no big deal.....but it was, and a lot of emotion was involved. Hossa leaving? It really doesn't measure a blip on the Richter scale.
  10. McCarty offered a two-way deal

    Agree. In another organization McCarty would probably be out. But IMO that is what separates the Wings from the rest of the pack. They don't kid around when they say their organization has a family atmosphere, and it seems to be working, no? Four Cups in 11 years.......yes, it's working. Family members are not disposable.
  11. Trade Rumor: Osgood and Holmstrom to Flames

    My calculation: Trade + Osgood = Oxymoron
  12. Samuelsson Selling His House?

    Just like the Eagles said........."You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave".................
  13. What a Disgusting Untrue Article

    I won't waste any of my time registering just to read that drivel. I assume he said we were booing Cindy and the Pens? Rubbish, and he knows it. Just another idiot trying to make Detroit look bad. Notice it's on a "Fantasy" page, which is obviously where the guy lives, in his own fantasy world.
  14. Why are pens fans mad?

    Oooooooh........that .999% is so close !!! Like Kronwall's missed by what, a centimeter ?? Oh well ........October is coming up fast I certainly don't think "poor loser" fits a fan who recognizes injuries DID play a part in the outcome. A "poor loser", IMO, is one who, while berating the team that won fair and square, makes up excuses for his own team, who really had none. The Wings had plenty. There is a reason Datsyuk is on the team, he is a damn good player, no? Ditto for the rest of the players who either missed games or played at half speed. If the Pens had the same injuries and we had beat them, I would have always wondered what the outcome would have been had they been healthy. It's like beating the Yankees.... Derek Jeterless, or Federer winning because Nadal withdrew. Yeah, you win, but with an asterisk. IMO of course.
  15. Well this post just takes the cake.