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  1. Prospect Watch: Brendan Smith Thoughts?
  2. After watching HBO's 24/7...

    So 24/7 got me yearning for a look inside of the Wings locker room. Anyone have some favorite videos that are similar?
  3. Per the link: Aaron Downey hired as Grand Rapids strength coach What a great opportunity for him. Glad to see he got it
  4. Howard Changing Masks

    Jimmy's Mask Looks like Jimmy's sporting a new look for the season. I was a huge fan of his last mask design, but this is REALLY cool.
  5. Hey guys, Know I haven't posted here much but I could really use some help. I'm looking at this jersey on ebay: McCarty Jersey It goes along with a bet I'm having with one of my Pens fan friends. We bet that whatever team made it further in the playoffs, the other guy would have to suit up in the opposing teams gear for one full day. Anyway.... After we come back against the Sharks, and the Pens choke to the Habs I would love to have him wearing a McCarty jersey. I've been looking around for a while and this one is perfect. Just would love to know that it is authentic. Much appreciated!
  6. Street hockey puck/ball

    Pro tip: Get a wiffle ball. Then cut up a tennis ball into little pieces. Put the tennis ball pieces inside the wiffle ball. It handles extremely well. Almost like a puck, and it is very cheap.
  7. Bored this afternoon? Watch the Wings prospects!

    Good looks. Been meaning to try and watch Tatar play
  8. Red Wings Fans in Virginia

    I'm from the newport news area. Die hard fan here. Actually just took a train up to DC to see the wings play the caps last night. Great experience
  9. Patrick Kane Arrested

    Ahaha this is so great
  10. Grand rapids

    I'm really excited to see how McCollum does.