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  2. Need mainly C/D/G Playing right now. Send me message. Nyquistx14
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    future captains?

    McDavid I just wanted to say that. Nyquist is my choice. I hope Larking turns out to be a player that can be in the discussion for it.
  4. BamaWing

    Anyone attended a game in Nashville?

    I go there everytime we play in Nashville. The whole stadium and Broadway is visitors section for us. Great time and be sure to spend some time on Broadway before and after.
  5. BamaWing

    Joe Louis Arena to be Demolished

    I will def be getting to the last home game we have and carrying my seats out with me. Who's with me?
  6. BamaWing

    Tomas Jurco's Ridiculous New Stick Trick

    I'd rather see him working on other things also but given how he's already played for us. I'd guarantee he's been doing just that. I thought these videos were honestly the best we'd see from Jurcos career when drafted but last year was a glimpse that he's willing to do the parts that aren't flashy and go unnoticed to most fans. As a Wings fan I love watching him play. Just pisses me off even more bout the Cleary signing
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    Dan Boyle not coming back to the Sharks

    I'm ok with trying Boyle but only as one year deal and I'm not paying him big money. If he wants money or years let him go somewhere else. I'd rather go after Niskanen and/or Zidlicky
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    Now some gritty forwards.

    Number 9, you know I will take back what I said with Mantha and a few prospects the previous years. The size of the prospects do seem a little bit bigger than previous years. I guess I just wish we'd see this philosophy go over into his trading/free agency practices. Trade for the gritty 3rd liner that will not put up but maybe 20 points in the season but will be huge contributors in the playoffs.(Bickell) I just want more balance and to be more complete of a team. I do love where young guys are at right now as far as Sheahan, Nyquist, Jurco, etc as well as our Griffins. I just feel as though we are a little bit of time and maybe one big trade or FA signing from being cup contenders again. Can't rely on FA and no cap these days. Have to build through draft which does make me feel good watching our griffins play.
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    Michigan boys hitting the market 2014-15 season.

    Trade Howard for a first next year and a d.(package him if we need) Sign Thomas or Miller and let Mrazek back him up next year getting him some more starts with Detroit. oh yea, I'd love Krug but doubt he leaves Boston I'd be completely fine with it if it was one year deal. Low risk high reward as it can only boost the production of Weiss which is needed badly. If not, let Booth go and be done with the whole project.
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    Florida willing to trade first overall pick.

    The first pick is always on the table. It's always open to listen to offers. It's not meaning they're wanting to give the pick away for anything less than a great deal though. Florida will want A LOT for the pick. Same for every sport. As far as the Wings getting the pick, I wouldn't really be open to the package. Not unless it was someone like McDavid
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    Now some gritty forwards.

    I just wish Holland would one day realize that each year we get knocked out of the playoffs, it's not because some team has more european forwards with good speed and great skill. It's the north american guys over 6'2" that use their size and beat us in the tough areas on the ice. We need to get some diversity on this team
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    Steve Ott to possibly be moved to Detroit.

    I'd love to have Ott
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    Franzen for edler?

    Mantha, Nyquist, and 1st for Edler? if I'm Holland I call every other GM in conference call when Van proposes this and make sure he hear everyone laughs at the same time
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    2/10 GDT : Kings 2 at Red Wings 3

    BIG E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'd be ok with it ONLY if Calgary took back a good bit of the salary. I'd like to pass though
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    Who is worse A. Semin or A. Kostitsin

    Not sure how this is a question. AK is a tool and Semin really does get way too much hate.
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    Doan staying in PHX 4 yrs $21.2 mill

    forget Parise and Suter don't you mean Crosby agent?
  18. BamaWing

    Doan staying in PHX 4 yrs $21.2 mill

    Semin and Doan both bring stuff that we need. Arguing about which one we neednmore is meaningless. I'll take both, trade for dman and call it a day.
  19. BamaWing

    looking for a pic of franzen

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    If we don't sign Semin we better sign Doan and/or trade for Nash/Ryan. If not I'm done with Kenny.
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    Im perfectly fine with 4it years and i've been wanting to sign him for awhile now. He has 40 goal scorer ability easily with Datsyuk being his center. At this point we have to have a signing like Semin. Best case scenario to me is sign Doan and Semin then trade for Yandle.
  22. BamaWing

    We Need to Trade

    Sign Semin for 1 year at flat rate. If he'll only agree on 2 years lower the cap hit. Its a low risk high reward signing. Him with Datsyuk could be nasty
  23. BamaWing

    My 2013 Roster...

    Bert wouldn't be traded and Semin possibly could sign a one year deal just to change some peoples thoughts about him before he makes his big paycheck. With that said id love that lineup. Id make one other signing move for 4th line center but good lineup nonetheless.
  24. Exactly my thoughts. Semin on the top line with Datsyuk and you're looking at 40+ goals for Semin imo.I'd be ok with a healthy Cleary + Helm + Brunner on 3rd line. 4th line could be a good one with a legit Center who's tough and a faceoff specialist. Put someone like that with Abdelkader and Tootoo and that's 4 good lines. Our defense, iyam, is filled with bottom 4 dmen with the exception of Kronwall. We need more of those guys that are legit top pairing dmen. Suter I don't think is the greatest thing ever and we'd definitely be overpaying him BUT with the possibility of him bringing Weber and there's no one else available that's close to him we HAVE to sign Suter.