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  1. possible fill ins for leaving FA's

    see i think your expecting way to much out of him. hed be a 3rd fourth line guy doing what sammy did for half.and he is solid defensively you don't stay in the league at 40 being washed and old as you said and not being productive as you mentioned without being able to contribute something. that something must be Defense. and great point about us needing a right handed shot on the PP to potentially replace sammy
  2. possible fill ins for leaving FA's

    okay i had an epiphony well searching the web and well on capgeek.com. Brendan Shanahan made 800,000.00 last year with a smaller cap hit because he signed half way through. reasons to sign shanny. 1. He is affordable 2. He is secondary scoring, can't get too much of that 3. Solid defensively( can penalty kill) 4. great in room and knows most of the guys already, no chem problem 5. fan fav put ass' in the stands 6. Knows how to win(thats what detroit does) But most of all he deserves to end it all where it all happened for Shan the man