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  1. The Big Red Machine

  2. What was Chicago thinking?

  3. What was Chicago thinking?

    At least we have a goalie.
  4. Lets offer Draper and Maltby 5 year contracts!

    Wow. Posting the same thing again? Sad.;#entry1744085
  5. What was Chicago thinking?

    The Hawks need to trade Huet and Campbell, but no one is going to take on their horrible contracts. They are done with their trading.
  6. Mats Sundin

    No cap room.
  7. What was Chicago thinking?

    That's a ridiculous waste of their talent to pair them all together. Oh, what bandwagon fans will say.
  8. Bertuzzi

    I'd rather have Legace dress as a forward than have Bertuzzi back in Detroit.
  9. Havlat to Minnesota

    It's better than listening to people freak out over Hudler all the time.
  10. Ok, Jiri Hudler

    Still, that's no excuse for some of the stuff that is going on in here. Some of the stuff is bordering on breaking forum rules. We can debate, but let's try to keep it respectful.
  11. Ok, Jiri Hudler

    People are getting way too angry in this thread.
  12. What was Chicago thinking?

    I never said I believed it, but that's what they are thinking. You don't go spending this kind of cash with any other thought in your head.
  13. Havlat to Minnesota

    Havlat's Twitter: Ouch. This is going to be good. Twitter
  14. What was Chicago thinking?

    They're thinking Chicago Blackhawks, 2010 Stanley Cup Champions.
  15. Are Teams Overpaying for UFA's?

    Teams always overpay on July 1st.