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  1. Lanzorz


  2. Lanzorz

    Merch Sales at away games

    Awesome thanks for the info, I'm pretty stoked. First time for me seeing the Wings away from JLA.
  3. Lanzorz

    Merch Sales at away games

    Meh, I didn't think my chances we're very good. We're pretty desperate, considering shipping one to the hotel we're going to be staying at haha . We moved down here a few years ago now, but I've been making new wings fans out of my friends down here, it's pretty great.
  4. Lanzorz

    Merch Sales at away games

    Hey guys, Im taking my friend to his first hockey game next week when the Wings visit Dallas. My mother trying to be sweet ordered us both wings jerseys, but she ordered one of them from a fraudulent website and we're not going to be able to have one shipped here in Louisiana before we leave on monday. So I'm just inquiring if we'd be able to pick one up at the AAC? Anyhow thanks for any info. Go Wings!
  5. Lanzorz

    Tilted Visor Trend?

    Yeah I'm pretty sure the visor tints were initially meant for different degrees of light sensitivity and etc, but I'm sure people like to look cool like Ovechkin and wear mirrored.
  6. Lanzorz

    The World Wide Hockey League!?

    It's not a terrible idea, a very interesting one that I've thought of before. It just doesn't seem very realistic when you think about it.
  7. Lanzorz


    Thanks for making my night.
  8. Lanzorz

    Who has the WORST goalie mask?

    The Thrasher's goalie has Rikku from Final Fantasy 10 on his mask. That's hilarious.
  9. Lanzorz

    would Hossa stayed if we would have won the cup?

    If Hossa farted, wouldn't he have been around?
  10. Lanzorz

    Report: Hossa turns down Wings' offer

    ^^ My thoughts exactly.