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  1. Jensen out till December/January after fight with Tyler Bertuzzi

    I rarely post here, but felt the need for this. I'm not sure if many of you regularly see competitive hockey tryouts or camps, but fighting is quite common. Being on the same team(which i don't even think they are yet) and it being a "prospect camp" has nothing to do with it. In this case it's just unfortunate that an injury occurred.
  2. Tollefsen

    the hit didn't look bad, it's the result that looks rough.
  3. Wings To Make Another Move This Week?

    because they knew we would have to waive him...then gain nothing from the trade.
  4. franzen to miss playoffs? (if wings make it)

    This is awesome.
  5. What The Wings Should Do

    The Red Wings are full of players who can do everything except protect themselves. Last year when the Wings won the cup they had Downey and Drake. Seeing as Drake retired and they will never give Downey a chance because he doesn't score goals, they need someone who can stick up for the rest of the players. They should trade the rights to Marian Hossa for Kevin Wesgarth (LA/Manchester). They could easily pay Westgarth the league minimum or pretty close to it, plus he's only 25 so that doesn't mean he can't improve the rest of his skills. Just about the only team that poses a serious threat to the Wings is the Ducks because of their physical play which seems to be their kryptonite (except for helm). Just watch some of these fights. 15 Westgarth, Kevin Height : 6'5'' Weight : 247 Shoots/Catches : Right Hometown : Amherstburg, ON Date of Birth : 02/07/1984 Age : 25