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  1. Firings need to take place tomorrow. Enough is enough. 55 handing the puck away and standing around with 52. We've seen enough.
  2. kids with best shift of the game then bafoonery with vets.
  3. 2 shots. The problem isn't just accumulating 2 shots, it's 2 shots while 39 and 72 are your lowest playing forwards. What is so complicated about watching them?
  4. Im not for people losing their jobs, but eheees no way Blashill should be the coach after this week. Being at the game on Tuesday, I've never seen a more disjointed, confused effort.
  5. O gee look at that another goal from a young player...
  6. 52 and 55 have to go.
  7. This is getting ridiculous.
  8. And so it begins again...
  9. Why the Ott signing? Tangradi was great last year. Doesn't he deserve a chance?
  10. There has to be a trade coming. No Mantha no Larkin!!
  11. Signed

    better not involve him 6'5 with soft hands don't grow on trees
  12. Signed

    Where's the spots for Mantha and AA now?
  13. Whatever Holland is smoking I want a hit Steve Ott...
  14. I like this a lot. Now go trade a winger for the D help you desperately need
  15. The amount of LH shots on this team right now is amazing. How in the world are they going to play with any team speed when they have to take a pass on their back hand. The idiocy is phenomenal