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  1. Rumor: Chicago Blockbuster Deal?

    I got this from our board.... "I wasn't sure whether to put this in the rumor section but since it involved the Hawks in a big way thought I'd out it here: Feel free to move mods. From "the300level" twitter: Speculation,SJS-CHI-TOR deal - SJS get: J.Blake, Huet, 2010 1st Round Pick, CHI gets: Marleau, Kaberle, Nabokov, TOR gets: Versteeg, B. Campbell, Cheechoo : If this happens, I'm concerned. Cause that means that we have no goalie to rely on after this season. At least we get to resign the core, but we have to rely on Crawford and Niemi.
  2. Chicago fires GM Tallon

    The good: Stan's hiring and who is his dad is. Maybe he can get us out of this mess. The bad: What if Tallon had a solution to get us out? He was reassigned, but maybe is Tallon stayed, he could've helped us out.
  3. Versteeg resigns with Chicago

    http://www.hockeybuzz.com/ I didn't want Versteeg resigned. I mean, I did, because I liked him, but I feel we had to dump him in order to preserve cap space. But we're going for it this year. I want a cup in the worst way. I am more than just a huge Hawks fan, I am someone who truly bleeds the Red, Black, and White. That's an understatement. I am really worried about the future. But for 2009-2010, buckle those seatbelts baby !!!
  4. Chi is SOOO Screwed

    I'm pretty sure we will keep at least one of the big three free agents, to show how confident I am, then this board can suspend me for a month if they don't.
  5. Chi is SOOO Screwed

    Maybe it's different? In MLB the team that traded you still pays your contract.
  6. Chi is SOOO Screwed

    I think Tallon does have something up his sleeve. Don't ask me what. But common sense, who makes these deals without having a plan?
  7. Predict The Wings Next Season

    Seeing as how Hjalmarsson has played only 34 career games, I can understand why. However, 2-3 years down the road, I'd like to see if you change your mind, cause he is promising. To be honest, you guys were the only team I feared of facing. I said back in December that if we could avoid facing you guys, we have a good shot of being Western Conference champs. I believe that if we played Anaheim, we would've won that series.
  8. Versteeg resigns with Chicago

    It's not great yet. Maybe some of you will flame me, but when Lidstrom retires, I think Keith is going to be in the running for the Norris for a long time. Campbell is an offensive defenseman, but Barker has stepped up. As far as Hammer goes, we shall see what he does in his first full season. Also, you may have your doubts about Corey Crawford and Cristobal Huet. But in 1986, didn't people have doubts about Patrick Roy? In 2006, (Yes I know Gerber was the regular season goalie) but with the Canes down 2-0, who thought they could win against Montreal with an unproven rookie, much less win the cup? How about 2009? Despite losing in the 2nd round, Simeon Varlamov made some of the best saves I have seen in my life, and played very nicely aside from that game 7. My point is, though young unproven rookies are few and far in between, it is not impossible to go somewhere with Crawford or Niemi is Huet doesn't improve.
  9. Versteeg resigns with Chicago

    If he has a team in front of him, why not? Huet was no Khabibulin, but nonetheless, he still helped us into the playoffs. Huet reminds me of that pitcher in the big leagues who gives up runs, but nonetheless, wins games with that run support. I think that though Huet may have his lumps, this team is that talented that we can bail him out.
  10. Versteeg resigns with Chicago

    Good luck. Ain't happening.
  11. Versteeg resigns with Chicago

    Toews doesn't have leadership ability? With all due respect I don't know how much of the NHL you follow outside of your team.
  12. Versteeg resigns with Chicago

    Don't mean to make this off topic, but I can relate in 03 5 outs from a pennant. Cleveland could've scored another run in the 9th and Mesa would get the save.
  13. Versteeg resigns with Chicago

    Hmm, let's see. Cubs last World Title: 1908 Indians last World Title: 1948 Cubs last appearance: 1945 Since 1945: 1948, 1954, 1995, and 1997 Cleveland has won the pennant. In terms of baseball they're no where near as unfortunate as us.
  14. Versteeg resigns with Chicago

    Just for the record: I am a die hard Cubs fan. If I had one wish it would be for the Cubs to win the World Series. The Cubs are my favorite sports team. The Hawks are 2nd. I would go to heaven if one (or both) won the championship in their respected sports cause I bleed Cubbie Blue and I bleed Blackhawk red. I was awfully young during the Bulls 90's runs, and 2005 was horrible, a nightmare beyone belief. Super Bowl 41 is the closest I have gotten, and that resulted in heartbreak.
  15. Versteeg resigns with Chicago

    Out of the big 3, if we can only keep one, let it be Toews. Hopefully Hammer will be willing to sign a bargain deal like Aaron Johnson did. It's simple Stillwater, hockey is back here in Chi Town. The bar was raised tons this season, we want to win, and expect to win. Obviously Tallon believed that signing Hossa would help. EDIT: Is there any way that Charles Wang can replace Garth Snow with Mike Milbury? Hell, he signed Yashin to a 10 year contract, maybe he would take Campbell or Huet!!!
  16. Versteeg resigns with Chicago

    I think the only reason you are down on Hossa was cause of the result. I mean, can you imagine how hard Crosby would've been hit if you guys repeated? If Hossa won the cup, all would be forgotten. No one seems to talk about Crosby not performing in the 4th round as opposed to earlier in the playoffs.
  17. Versteeg resigns with Chicago

    Your last sentence is true. A good point, but also, if this is the heart and soul of our team, and they are in contract years, they will probably produce big time. As far as the Hossa thing goes, he lost in the finals just like Zetterberg, Osgood, and Franzen did. So while he contributed to the losing, you can't dub him a scape goat.
  18. Versteeg resigns with Chicago

    MadmanMark- I wish that was the case that the cap didn't apply to us. Drake- it's called a "Contract year" that means that guys play out of their mind. Since Kane, Toews, Keith, Seabs are all in their final year, assuming this isn't the case that breaks the stereotype, we are gonna see some mad skills out of these 4.
  19. Versteeg resigns with Chicago

    Here is what I am not sure of, how to how handle this situation. I have my ideas, but I am no cap expert. So Madman Mark, I really am unsure of who to send down. Possibly Fraser (a 4th line player), maybe Ladd. Sop has to go. That's all I have to say. Nothing against him whatsoever, but he was being paid for doing absolutely nothing last year. We may have to move Ladd too. I really liked him, and we had far and away the best third line in the NHL in Ladd-Havlat-Bolland, but I am glad I'm not Dale Tallon, or else I don't know what to do. My goodness I hope this man has a solution. If not, fire him. If this man DOES have a solution, and it works, he's brighter than Einstein.
  20. Barker signs a 3-year deal with Hawks

    That was then, this is now. That's all I have to say. Mark, to hell with the division. All I care about is the Stanley Cup, and we have a damn good shot next year.
  21. Versteeg resigns with Chicago

    Well first of all John Madden is a one year rental, which means that is some money freed up. Huet will have two years left on his contract, so the less years on the contract, the more open someone will be. IF we can only keep one, we HAVE to keep Toews. Period. My idea earlier was sign long term, but less money.
  22. Versteeg resigns with Chicago

    There's always Toronto. If they are the richest team in hockey, and since it's Brian Burke. I think Toronto may take him. We'll gladly take Kaberle.
  23. Versteeg resigns with Chicago

    To be honest, I do trust Tallon, hoping that he has the common sense, in my mind true fans have faith in their team and GM, but also I have my concerns, cause this is quite the strategy he is using.
  24. Versteeg resigns with Chicago

    I do trust Tallon that he can make the right decisions, but I do have my doubts.
  25. Versteeg resigns with Chicago

    Being a Wings fan, you would say that. But, Anaheim got Pronger in 2006 and took off. So, we made huge moves, and I think we can take off too. Like I said, Burish or Sopel I think need to be let go. We may have to move Sharpie. It sucks, but what can you do. Can you make contracts in the NHL like you do in NFL? Like average, or ascending/descending?