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  1. Regardless of any tension between him and the coaching staff, this move remains mind boggling...But anything that makes the Blackhawks worse (which this most certainly does) is a win in my book!
  2. I'm totally fine with the protected/unprotected list. Tough decisions had to be made. I do hope that Sproul doesn't get picked up. I think he'll continue to improve with more NHL experience. And its always nice to have a right hand shot at the point. Especially for a team like the Wings that has 98% lefties.
  3. I miss those days so much in general. Would do anything to go back...
  4. I'm in disbelief on what we got back for Smith. I may need to cool it a bit with my bitching about Kenny...for now lol. Getting a 2nd and a 3rd rounder for arguably our worst defenseman, and the 3rd rounder we already got for Jurco, is nothing short of amazing. Bravo Kenny! Gotta give you a pat on the back for this one. Wow.
  5. As much as I'd like to see us finally part ways with Kenny, I'm only on board if there's a suitable replacement with experience to replace him. I'd rather us just hold onto Kenny until Yzerman becomes available. Would be a dream come true to have Stevie Yzerman back home where he belongs. Anyone know off the top of their heads how many more years Yzerman has left on his Lightning contract?
  6. Good thing AA should be back pretty soon.
  7. Apparently the years are flying by extra fast for me lately. Had to google it myself to believe it. All his more serious injuries seemed to be so much more recent than that. 75 and 77 isn't that bad actually. But he does have a prior track record of being hurt, and he's not getting any younger. I definitely see that trend going back to where it was before 2014. I definitely hope I'm wrong though. And I still disagree with Kenny re-signing him with the amount of good forwards we have. But who knows, maybe we'll actually trade for a defenseman that we desperately need (again, another topic for another thread). I'm still on Kenny's side overall. But I can certainly see where his critics are coming from.
  8. This is why I was scratching my head a bit when Kenny re-signed him. Don't get me wrong, I like Helm as a player, and all that he brings to the table. But the guy just can't stay healthy. And the worst part is, it almost always seems to be an injury that forces him to miss weeks, and sometimes even months. Also, it seems to be different injuries every time, and not just him re-injuring a tender area. On the bright side, with Vanek coming back, and us having a surplus of capable forwards, we should be just fine up front (our back end however is a totally different story for another thread). Maybe, just maybe one of these years Helm will actually play 80%+ of the season. Seems highly doubtful though. And points towards another questionable deal by Kenny, despite the fact that Helm probably took a bit of a "hometown discount" to remain with the Wings.
  9. Signed

    Cause we're light on forwards right now In all honesty, I'm fine with this. He's a good 4th liner. And if anything, this just further points towards Kenny making a trade to bring in a defenseman.
  10. Exactly how I felt/feel. As for the man crush, Stevie Yzerman was my main man crush. Though Feds was def up there too lol
  11. Not bias towards Dats at all. Just stating my opinion on which departure was worse. In fact, I'd rather see #91 in the rafters than #13. People seem to forget (or are too young to remember) how dynamic and amazing Feds was. And how much of a huge part he was of all 3 of those Cups. And the fact that the Wings basically smuggled him out of what was communist USSR when he entered the league. The report was that Datsyuk had no clue about that "over 35" rule with contracts when he signed the deal. And with his motivation being his family, and him being in his late 30s, I have no ill will towards him whatsoever. IMO Feds situation was much worse. My heart was broke the morning I woke up and read that he left us for one of our biggest rivals at the time. Where we then had to play against him. But to each his own on which scenario was more offensive to the fans. For me it's not even close. And that's coming from me who would love to see #91 up there. I'm just guessing that's why the Wings will never retire his number.
  12. He didn't leave in the "middle" of the deal. It had one year left on a 3 year deal. And he was only leaving to be back with his family (in a different Country and league), at basically the tail end of his playing career. Fedorov's departure isn't even comparable. He left us for another NHL team, left for less money than we offered him. And worst of all left for the Ducks who were one of our biggest rivals at the time (they had just swept us out of the playoffs the season before). And then had to play against us as the enemy 4 times a year. And on top of all that was still basically in his prime at the time. Much worse than Datsyuk's scenario. And that's likely why we'll never see #91 in the rafters.
  13. Unfortunately the one option I would've voted for isn't on the poll. IMO Datsyuk is the only one out of the 4 that will have his jersey hanging in the rafters. Personally I'd like to see Sergei's 91 up there too, but the way he left for the Ducks makes me doubt that will ever happen. Hank is good, and was definitely a huge part of our '08 Cup. But for an organization like the Wings, you need at least 2 or more Cups to even be considered. So the jury is still out on Hank (maybe he'll lead us to another Cup before he hangs em up). As for Osgood. Always loved the guy. But he was never even close to elite. He was solid, which turned into decent, which turned into dreadful.