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    Has Blashill finally lost the team?

    Mind boggling that Blashill still has a job.
  2. TheDetroitRedWings


  3. Looks like Radulov wants to return to the NHL. And the Wings are one of the few teams he's interested in. When he left the NHL he was a high level player. And has continued to stay at a high level in Russia. However, he hasn't had the best locker room reputation in the past. And how long before he wants to high tail it back to Russia again? All that said, I would welcome him, and his scoring touch with open arms. Aside from our defense and goaltending issues, we desperately need more consistent goal scoring. I say let's do it, as long as he's not demanding an unreasonable contract.
  4. TheDetroitRedWings

    Athanasiou Signed 1 year $1.4 mil

    If I were AA, I'd be firing that garbage agent ASAP...smh Not only does he have no leverage. But that KHL team already took their offer off the table. And he's losing 10k each day he remains unsigned. Oh and if he makes the dumb decision to play in Switzerland, he'll make significantly less money.
  5. TheDetroitRedWings

    What Is Your #Hype Level Re: the Red Wings' 2017-18 Season?

    Despite our epic playoff streak ending, we're still one of the greatest franchises in sports history. Most sports fans can only wish and dream of just an ounce of our success over the years. Red Wings till the day I die. 10!!!
  6. TheDetroitRedWings

    Tatar, Athanasiou, and XO's new deals

    Now that Tatar is re-signed. Anyone know exactly how much cap space we have left? I'm just wondering if it's even a possibility to sign Thomas Vanek? From what I've heard, there isn't much cap space left. And we still have to sign AA. But I've heard three different cap space numbers. At this point it would be nice to know exactly how much money we're working with now. Last cap report I heard, is we have exactly 3 mill left after the Tatar signing.
  7. TheDetroitRedWings

    Non Stanley Cup Seasons that were the most shocking

    You are correct sir. Somehow managed to mix those years up. 94-95 should be on the list as well lol
  8. TheDetroitRedWings

    Non Stanley Cup Seasons that were the most shocking

    The most shocking was probably 95-96. Best record in NHL history, then got swept by the Devils.... But the one that hit me the hardest was definitely 2002-03. At that point in time we usually owned the Ducks in the playoffs (swept Teemu, Kariya & company a few years before that). And just when I was finally starting to get over the heartache, Sergei Fedorov not only leaves us, but of all teams, he signs with them...ouch.
  9. TheDetroitRedWings

    Smith vs. Daley

    It's called watching the games, and watching his give away's. Oh and watching him be a defensive liability.
  10. TheDetroitRedWings

    Targets for the Wings

    Anyone know if we have any interest in bringing back Thomas Vanek? I really haven't heard much about him since free agency began. Even tho he was basically just a powerplay specialist for us, I'd like to have him back at the right price. It's pretty clear that he liked and fit in well with our system. He was putting the puck in the net with much more regularity here, than he did for the Wild or the Panthers. If his asking price isn't too crazy, I'd really like to see him back in the Winged Wheel on a 1-2 year deal.
  11. TheDetroitRedWings

    Smith vs. Daley

    I'm shocked to see so much love for Smith. When he was here it seemed about 90% hated him (if not more). Quite frankly, I was (and still am) one of them. And almost everyone here liked the return we got when we traded him. Smith is an absolute liability defensively. Isn't good offensively. And is a give-away machine. I did like the energy he brought. But there was quite a few times where he couldn't even crack our lineup and was a healthy scratch. That could be partly attributed to us not using him properly. But even if that is the case, it most likely wouldn't have changed this time around. His current price tag is way too much for a guy who essentially brings nothing to the table other than some energy and intensity. Trevor Daley brings much more to the table on both ends of the ice, has leadership qualities, and has a cheaper price tag. Yes he's older than Smith. But being only 33, he's likely to maintain his level of play throughout his 3-year deal. For me this is a no-brainer. Daley > Smith
  12. TheDetroitRedWings

    Red Wings sign D Luke Witkowski to 2 year, 750k/yr contract. Will play as F.

    Yeah Helena St. James is reporting the same thing (take that for what it's worth lol). If this is true, I went from not really caring much, to actually being intrigued. He's a big boy. My guess is they'll use him as a big net front presence and a punching bag (or cross- checking bag) for opponents defense. Even if he doesn't score like a Holmstrom, if he can provide screens for other guys to score, and agitate/take opponents off their game, I'll be quite pleased with this dirt cheap, no risk deal.
  13. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the term. But I do like the money aspect of the deal.
  14. I definitely think 3 years is way too long (I was hoping for just a one year deal) but Daley will help our D a lot, especially on the defensive end, which we need desperately. Figures tho that Kenny would manage to f*ck up a deal of a player I actually want here...
  15. TheDetroitRedWings

    Targets for the Wings

    I definitely can't argue with that lol
  16. TheDetroitRedWings

    Targets for the Wings

    I think Kulikov's style would be a very good fit. Also would like to see Kenny pull the trigger on a guy like Trevor Daley. Those 2 would certainly help our D on both ends. And let's be honest, defense is by far our biggest weakness.
  17. TheDetroitRedWings

    Tatar, Athanasiou, and XO's new deals

    The only overpayment I'll be okay with is to AA. If Kenny throws the bank at Tatar (as much as I do like him) I'll be very disappointed. And will just further deepen my stance on Kenny getting the f*ck out.
  18. TheDetroitRedWings

    Ken Holland contract extension watch

    I continue to have a selfish mindset when it comes to this. I literally won't be happy until Stephen Gregory Yzerman is back home where he belongs.
  19. TheDetroitRedWings

    Artemi Panarin to Blue Jackets for Brandon Saad

    Regardless of any tension between him and the coaching staff, this move remains mind boggling...But anything that makes the Blackhawks worse (which this most certainly does) is a win in my book!
  20. TheDetroitRedWings

    Red Wings Expansion Draft Protected List

    I'm totally fine with the protected/unprotected list. Tough decisions had to be made. I do hope that Sproul doesn't get picked up. I think he'll continue to improve with more NHL experience. And its always nice to have a right hand shot at the point. Especially for a team like the Wings that has 98% lefties.
  21. TheDetroitRedWings

    15 Years Ago Today

    I miss those days so much in general. Would do anything to go back...
  22. I'm in disbelief on what we got back for Smith. I may need to cool it a bit with my bitching about Kenny...for now lol. Getting a 2nd and a 3rd rounder for arguably our worst defenseman, and the 3rd rounder we already got for Jurco, is nothing short of amazing. Bravo Kenny! Gotta give you a pat on the back for this one. Wow.
  23. TheDetroitRedWings

    Goodbye Ken Holland?

    As much as I'd like to see us finally part ways with Kenny, I'm only on board if there's a suitable replacement with experience to replace him. I'd rather us just hold onto Kenny until Yzerman becomes available. Would be a dream come true to have Stevie Yzerman back home where he belongs. Anyone know off the top of their heads how many more years Yzerman has left on his Lightning contract?
  24. TheDetroitRedWings

    Abdelkader out 2-4 weeks

    Good thing AA should be back pretty soon.
  25. TheDetroitRedWings

    Darren Helm (shoulder) out at least 6 weeks

    Apparently the years are flying by extra fast for me lately. Had to google it myself to believe it. All his more serious injuries seemed to be so much more recent than that. 75 and 77 isn't that bad actually. But he does have a prior track record of being hurt, and he's not getting any younger. I definitely see that trend going back to where it was before 2014. I definitely hope I'm wrong though. And I still disagree with Kenny re-signing him with the amount of good forwards we have. But who knows, maybe we'll actually trade for a defenseman that we desperately need (again, another topic for another thread). I'm still on Kenny's side overall. But I can certainly see where his critics are coming from.