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  1. Who was your first?

    Lidstrom for me was the best experience I have ever had. It was 1999 at the shark tank after a tie. All the other good players sped off but Brent Gilchrist and Lidstrom walked out and talked to me and my dad. The worst was Gretzky. Met him at pebble beach golf course at the pro am. I was so excited to see that he was signing autographs and when he was close to me told him how much of a hockey fan I was. He looked at me and skipped me. I got the last laugh tho cuz as soon as he passed I told him he was overrated and Yzerman was better than him ne ways.
  2. LOL at the Sharks

    This is so true. I go to school in San Francisco, and of course this time of year the thousand of Sharks fans who tell me all year no one gives a S&$% about hockey come out the cuts and start talking crap like they are huge hockey fans. I went to game 5 in San Jose when the wings were eliminated. Their fans were extremely rude and hostile ( I even had a mom telling her 3 year old kid to punch me) they were border line physical. They are incompetent to the rules of hockey, and it made me laugh every time a shark player hit fell to hear the entire crowd booo as if there was a penalty. Being a wings fan in cali the last team I want to see win is the sharks. Especially the way they had to beat the wings last series it made me sick. I rather see a team win it the right way even if it is chicago.
  3. The real reason we are losing this series...

    This is what I am going to do tho I am going to find his address and send the jersey with a f*** you.... and a u know what to do with this jersey in the box
  4. OK guys I am really embarrassed to post this but I might have jinxed the wings there is only one thing I can think of to get the wings beating the sharks again. A couple months ago a sharks fan friend of mine got a fake red wings winter classic jersey from his dad for xmas. Since he hates the wings he gave it to me and i gladly accepted it. I knew it was obviously one of those fake chinese mad jerseys its #13 and the name on the back is Osgood lol. N e ways he gave it to me because he said the shakrs were 0-3 against Detroit at that time in the season and it was bad luck. SInce it has been in my possesion the wings r 0-3 against the Sharks. This jersey is f***en bad luck and needs to go. So here is how we change it. Most creative/legal way for me to destroy the jersey that gets posted I will do. I will video tape myself destroying the jersey and post it tomorrow on the forums before the game and the wings will procede to win in 6 games (I hope i have tickets to game 5).....So let me know how to destroy this piece of s*** so we can get on to winning this series. GO WINGS
  5. Can the Wings Break out of this slump?

  6. Can the Wings Break out of this slump?

    im with u on this.......... and i dont understand how we cannot win in a shootout lately either. we have pretty good shootout players... even against st louis we just cant score in a SO its ridiculous.... This is after ive given up on the team winning in regulation
  7. Can the Wings Break out of this slump?

    HAHAHA i think they sold the team and they relocated tho so i cant even root for them
  8. Can the Wings Break out of this slump?

    Ha i know im messing around i get worked up but nothing to serious.... Im just a detroit sports fanatic and at this point with all other teams failing us detroit fans the wings are the only reliable team we have and thats one reason I love the wings sooooo much they play hard and this team just doesnt seem to have it. It just scares me cuz if the wings arent playing up to par what else in detroit to we have to cheer for .... the lions? hahahaha
  9. Can the Wings Break out of this slump?

    i hope u guys are right because when the wings lose its not a good thing for my health or the people around me lol..... so the wings control their destiny along with mine..........
  10. Can the Wings Break out of this slump?

    Yeah this is rough Im a die hard fan...... I also have a severe anger problem so when it comes to watching wings games i wanna watch so bad..... but i know when the wings lose (like they have been so much lately) Something valuable in my house breaks so its a lose lose for me...
  11. Can the Wings Break out of this slump?

    After tonights game I am getting so sick and tired of watching the Red Wings play the way they have been. It made me sick to see the effort they put up in the power play that they had in overtime. I have lost all confidence in this red wings team and it is sickening. In my mind right now I really don't think the Red Wings can win a game in regulation. Not only that I live in Cali and now have to listen to Sharks fans who know nothing about hockey talk S%&^ to me. I know the wings have had a ton of injury issues but that is no excuse to keep losing especially to teams like the Blues. I really think this is the year the wings don't make the playoffs and until today I really never thought I would think that. Do you guys think the Wings still have a legitimate chance of grabbing one of those bottom seeds and sneaking in? What do the wings have to do differently (besides not being so lazy and sloppy at times) to pick up some more wins? I hope the Olympics riddle other teams with injuries and if the wings stay healthy there is still hope.