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    2/14 Valentine's Day GDT - Senators @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

    Sadly, I won't be in attendance tonight, nor will I even get to watch the game until later. Against my better judgement, I decided to join the woman who has put up with me for almost 39 years, down in Florida for a few days visit. By then she'll have had enough of me, and tell me to go back to Michigan. Will be interesting to see who wants this game more, in this Battle For The Basement. I never root for The Wings to lose, so, Let's Go Wings, climb out of that cellar, if only for a few games. Happy Valentine's Day, to all of you lovers, and loners. At least we all have the Wings to love.
  2. BigWillieStyle

    Larry Murphy Returns to FS-D

    Does anyone have that "Woo, The Fries", clip that used to get played on here? That definitely needs to be posted. I'm also going on record as saying that they need to have $1 hot dogs, tonight, to celebrate Murph's return.
  3. From what I've heard, he had extensive oral surgery done, and then had issues with that, which left him with infections and a very swollen face. Never thought of a goalie being the one on the team in need of having his teeth fixed. At least not one that played with a birdcage on his head. Not sure when he will be rejoining the team at Fox, if at all. He's also been pretty busy with The Saginaw Spirit over the last year, so he may have his plate as full as he wants it, currently. Though, I've never heard of Osgood not finding room on his plate at a buffet.
  4. So, now that we moved Eliot out, does that leave us enough cap space to activate Osgood from IR? They were saying he's been working on his "uh's", and should be ready to join the team any game now. This will be or TDL acquisition for the year.
  5. That's usually Vodka and Ambien, but tonight I'll also sleep on the wings of victory.
  6. It gets really old if you lose every night. Wins build character, and let the kids know that if you dig in and play hard, you have a chance to win every night. Thankfully, we don't have enough talent to do that right now.
  7. On special right now. Buy one Red Wing, get an Abdelkader free.
  8. Woo Hoo! Suck it Preds. We're picking 3rd, and we don't care.
  9. That damn Cholo. Has to screw everybody's plans, and can't hold an antenna for crap.
  10. I'm convinced that he sees The Johan, and knows not to mess with The Johan.
  11. Hockey misses Z. Even old, hunched over, broken down, Z.
  12. Z could definitely bend it like Beckham. One of the few players I've ever seen score from below the goal line, without it actually hitting someone to change it's direction. Some serious Minnesota Fats level english on that puck.
  13. I have to say, our PK has been pretty good lately. The Perds didn't get anything going on that last one. Or maybe it's just The Perds.
  14. Hope that you guys can get your streams straightened out during the intermission.
  15. DK sticking his knee out, to give The Preds a PP to start the 3rd. Can't believe that Cholo made him do that. Badass mind control.
  16. And Subban blows the fastball by Jimmy with Boyle standing in the batters box.
  17. L and S. Kid's going nowhere. Should've taken Chycrun.
  18. He should be able to to hold the antenna up right, sitting in the press box.
  19. It's that locker next to Zetterberg that did that. I wish we wouldn't have set Mantha next to Franzen.
  20. The unofficial Captain. Woo Hoo!!! And we give them back a charity goal.
  21. We won the 1st period. Screw being outshot by 10 shots, we're 65% in the faceoff circle. Onward with the tank.
  22. Yep. We're not in any danger of giving up a high spot in the lottery, tonight.
  23. C'mon AA. Gotta bury those. Not going to get those all night... But, maybe we will with as much as they pinch.
  24. Those lines have worked great the last few games. This game should be any easy loss.