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  1. Kelly McCrimmon needs to look at his situation in net and ask himself if the headcoaching is where their problems are at. You can't continue to expect Fleury to play 60-65 games a year, with the mileage that he has on himself, and then for a 3rd year straight, have expectations that an AHL caliber backup is good enough to win half of the games he plays in. 


    Fleury is hovering around .900 sv% instead of his usual .920ish, this year. And his their substandard defense has left him holding nothing but his jock on more occasions than usual this year. 


    The problem hasn't been with the coaching, it's been with management not being able to effectively remedy their teams deficiencies. 

  2. 8 hours ago, Wings3:16 said:

    Man the meeting periods before UFA day takes the whole fun out of UFA day!

    Totally agree. It's like wrapping your own Christmas presents, and then trying to be surprised when you see what Santa brought you. 


    I don't even know how it got like this, but UFA day used to be holiday worthy, and worth sitting by the TV or radio all day, just to see what deals went down. It's bad enough that fewer big names hit the market than in years past, but to now let negotiations take place before the 1st, just completely kills the excitement of the day. 

  3. Cooper Moore sounds like a lesser version of Cholowski. They'll probably have a bobblehead night for him in 3 or 4 years, only to make him a healthy scratch that night. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, Dabura said:

    I ain't even tryna be contrarian or whatever. I genuinely like these choices. Good stuff.

    Once you get past the shock of, "that's not what anyone was expecting", and look into some of these guys, I'm actually really happy with what I'm seeing. Of course, none of that matters if none of them pan out to meet our high expectations.

  5.  "He is at the top of the food chain, a t-rex, eats everything and thinks everything is under him", Robert Ohlsson (Coach) 2018


    Seriously, how can you not like a guy described like that. Also to note, it seems that he was rated much higher than he was selected. I'm in, Maybe he turns out to be like Holmstrom or Hornquist.

  6. 3 minutes ago, TLGTrico said:

    He was projected as a 3rd rounder, which makes it another reach.  But Tyler Bertuzzi was a second round reach as well.  Speaking of which, I wonder where Tag Bertuzzi goes today.

    We still have 2 picks in this round. There's plenty of room for another Bertuzzi on the roster. :lol:

  7. 1 minute ago, Wheelchairsuperhero said:

    So what's the knocks on this kid? So far what I've heard has all sounded good. 

    That all the "experts" had him ranked lower. Some of them had him below 100. I'm not a full believer in the thoughts of most of these "experts".

  8. 52 minutes ago, Wheelchairsuperhero said:

    Zadina goes 3 spots later than expected, all the GMs know something we don't. 

    Veleno drops like 15 spots, GMs don't know anything and he's a better prospect. 

    Seems like sound thinking to me. 

    Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Logic doesn't work here at LGW. Save that sorcery for HFBoards and WiiM. We don't need your clear thinking around here. 

  9. Because he hasn't filled everyone's nets with pucks, as promised. 


    Also, because we're not playing for The Cup right now. He was a #6 pick, that should be enough to win The Cup with. He'S LaZy, AnD He sUx. Trade him for future considerations. 


    The paperwork still has to get done. Provided all of that is managed today, expect the Oilers to introduce Holland as the new GM in the next few days. Holland will have autonomy and Nicholson could take on a bigger role as well.



    This appears to be a done deal. I'm actually a little bit surprised by this.

  11. 37 minutes ago, kickazz said:

    It will be GR or the Red Wings.

    Wouldn’t worry about his ability to swim, Veleno has a higher projection than Rasmussen but I agree that he would benefit from a year in GR. 


    How does he get the option of Grand Rapids? Is it something to do with his "exceptional" status, and his extra year of Juniors? Or am I just confused on how all this s*** works? It could easily be "yes" to both of those questions.

  12. 24 minutes ago, kickazz said:

    Isn’t his daughter getting to the age of college now? 

    University of Michigan is top notch. 

    His youngest, Sophia, just finished her second year at U of M. His middle daughter, Maria, is finishing her Junior year at BU. And Isabella, his oldest, already graduated from U of M, and is working on her Masters, at USC(?). Maybe it's UCLA, can't quite remember.

    It's hard to believe that that little girl he had out on the ice with him in '97, is now 25. Amazing how time flies. 



  13. So, is Veleno in the same situation as Rasmussen was last year? Either the big club, or Juniors? I'm kind of thinking that he would be better off with a little bit of time in GR this year. Just look at what happened to Rasmussen last year. Too big of a jump into the deep end of the pool, without having any swimming lessons. Just hope that Veleno is a little bit better equipped to handle playing in The NHL. 

  14. 8 hours ago, F.Michael said:

    Dats will live in the Yzerman’s basement...He only wants to hookup with one of the Yzerman girls :lol:

    I thought that the master plan, was to have Lidstrom's sons breed with Yzerman's daughters, and make us plenty of "Perfect Red Wings". 


    And just by coincidence, Datsyuk's house, which has been for sale or rent, since Summer of 2015, had it's listing pulled at the end of March. And, it's still fully furnished, so all he has to do is bring a suitcase or two, and unpack.