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  1. Sportsnet: Hudler awarded 2 year deal 5m total; Still KHL bound

    Skating speed is purely about training. Sprinting, pylometrics, squatz. Hudler has improved his skating slightly since coming into the league but hes not Brian Gionta. Thus far, it seems Jiri has gotten by on his offensive talent instead of hard work.
  2. Sportsnet: Hudler awarded 2 year deal 5m total; Still KHL bound

    Hudler only has to blame himself for not being a top six player. A guy of his size should be fast. He was either not putting in the gym time or didn't try to improve his skating technique. Speed can make up for size. Being slow and small = fail. 60 points as a PP specialist who plays against other teams third lines doesn't mean you're a top six player. This is why Filppula is undoubtedly better. Even if his career peak is 60 points, he still has more to offer.
  3. One more season for Shanny?

    Homework? I watched every game that season and he displayed no chemistry with anyone on the team. He played all season on a line with Datsyuk and Draper and it was terrible. Shanahan was pretty much useless in the playoffs after 2002. Fans need to stop hanging onto the past. We're going to have a 37 year old, past his prime Franzen one day and people will be saying "Remember 2008!".
  4. One more season for Shanny?

    The team started falling apart once Shanahan arrived. Jagr had just put up 123 points and finished second in Hart voting(Only 40 votes from wining). There were even rumors of there being a problem between Datsyuk and Shanahan when he was still playing on this team. Shanahan has never struck me as a great "Leader" on any team.
  5. One more season for Shanny?

    Don't ever put Shanahan in the same sentence as Drake. Shanahan was a shell of his former self when he left this team or was pushed out. We know Shanahan's game, he stands around waiting for passes. He doesn't fight and he doesn't hit. Spend the money on Grier or a guy who will actually throw his weight around and make the other team feel some pain.
  6. Stand Outs for the Wings this season?

    I don't know if its pressure but there is a realistic possibility that a guy like Zherdev or Sundin signs with the Red Wings. Filppula is going to be playing with some talented line mates, he definitely needs to show that he is completely capable of being the second line center so Babcock can stop splitting up Datsyuk and Zetterberg. Datsyuk-Zetterberg-Cleary(Holmstrom) Zherdev-Filppula-Franzen fap fap fap fap
  7. Stand Outs for the Wings this season?

    Datsyuk has led the team in scoring since Fedorov left. Hes also won the last two Selke's, its just like Lidstrom and the Norris, the competition really has to impress to take away an award from a guy who wins it multiple years in a row. If Datsyuk and Zetterberg play together all season and both are healthy. Datsyuk will finally hit 100+ points and Zetterberg should be good for 45 goals/95 points. I have personally never seen any indication that Datsyuk is slowing down or that Zetterberg can be a 100+ point guy stand alone from Datsyuk. Zetterberg is at his best when hes a scoring center. Which seems weird but Datsyuk playing on the left wing and Zetterberg playing center is the best. Zetterberg's game is really brought down playing as a set up man.
  8. Wings agree to terms with Andy Delmore

    Any different than Meech or Lebda? Not so much.. Theres a reason why all three players are making less than a million per season. Lebda is fast but its not like he has an end to end rush every shift, let alone every game. Usually when he carries the puck, its just to encourage a line change because offense never results. Lebda has no offensive abilities and is mediocre in his own end.
  9. Wings agree to terms with Andy Delmore

    Lebda and Delmore are both very similar. Lebda is faster but they're both offensive defenseman. The difference is, Delmore is a proven NHL PP defenseman. Lebda isn't and never will be on this team. Moving Lebda/Meech and bringing up Delmore to play 10 minutes a night sounds good to me. Offers up a good, hard shot on the point.
  10. Wings agree to terms with Andy Delmore

    The only good thing about Delmore is that he has a ridiculous shot. But every other part of his game is terrible.
  11. Detroit MIGHT BE interested in Kessel?

    That has nothing to do with the discussion. Kronwall is paid like a 3rd or 4th defenseman, which is the case. Rafalski, Streit and Lidstrom are all proven #1 D men. Kronwall is good for the team at his current cap hit but if Lidstrom retired tomorrow, "Nick Jr" isn't going to step in and replace him. And yes, I believe you can replace Lidstrom. But Kronwall isn't that guy. Hes nearly 30 and still has a lot of work to do with his game. The suggestion that he'll "Get better" with age is the problem. How many players get better going into their 30s? I think we've seen exactly what his potential is. Now if he hit consistently every game or decided to fight occasionally, he would bring his game to a new level. But currently, I really don't see a difference between Brad Stuart and Nick Kronwall.
  12. Detroit MIGHT BE interested in Kessel?

    Kronwall is 28 years old and is barely better than Rafalski in his own end. Mike Green has all of the offensive ability in the world but he'll never be a "Number one" until he plays solid in both ends of the ice. The same goes for Kronwall. People ride Kindl for being poor defensively but its the same story with Kronwall. He pinches too often and even on the PP gets a lot of shots blocked. Of course, with the big-jumping hits, hes a fan favorite and I get it. But Kronwall isn't going to fill the shoes of Lidstrom. He doesn't play well enough offensively or defensively to do so. Mark Streit scores a lot of points...
  13. Detroit MIGHT BE interested in Kessel?

    Boston could waive or trade Fernandez and have all of the cap space in the world.
  14. Detroit MIGHT BE interested in Kessel?

    Hossa scored 40 goals last season and the entire fan base was sucking him off. Kessel is nine years younger and scored 36 goals. Hudler will never be half the player Kessel already is. A trade like this would mean we would have one of the youngest and best scoring wingers locked up for 4-6 years for four million a season. Trade anyone not named Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Osgood or Lidstrom at this point.
  15. Detroit MIGHT BE interested in Kessel?

    You're getting Phill Kessel in return... This isn't NHL09, you have to give up assets to get them. This team has a ton of offensive defenseman prospects and there are always offensive defenseman available in the first round. Kronwall doesn't hit or score nearly enough to get that "Untouchable" tag.