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  1. playoff injuries

    I have yet to read an official report on all of our injuries in the playoffs. I may have missed it so I was wondering if anyone has come across an official injury report. Thanks. BTW - Eaves is going to help our PK. i'd like to see Datsyuk and Zetterberg on one unit and Helm and Eaves on the other. Cleary and Franzen as well. j williiams is going to use this year to cash in next year. he will score 20 and end up with 45-50pts. Datsuyk Zetterberg Franzen (this line would give teams fits) (away games switch Datsyuk and Cleary) Cleary Filppula Leino Williams Helm Eaves Maltby Draper Holmstrom Lidstrom Rafalski Kronwall Stuart (regular season was avg. played great up until pitt series in playoffs) Ericsson Lebda (I think Ericsson looked really good playing with Lidstrom in playoffs then looked scared when dropped to third pairing)
  2. 2010 Team Canada

    i'm Canadian....BUT i'm also a DIE HARD WINGS FAN....I HATE cindy crosby and i hope he gets injured and can't play in the olympics. I wont feel good about cheering him on. If worse comes to worse i'm going to put my support behind Team Sweden!
  3. Grier and Betts

    Abdelkader will be better served playing top line minutes in GR along with the call ups for injuries. Grier and Betts will provide energy, good sized players that can throw some weight around. Hudler for 3 mil per is ridiculous...ya he scores but he's not a playoff type player. he doesn't work hard enough, doesn't sacrifice his body enough and rarely goes to the net. we have enough skill on the team, we need more people who know their role and will lay it all on the line...Hudler believes he is a top line player and although given opportunities to prove that he's done nothing with it. time for him to go play in L.A. bottom 6 should be good defensively, able to lay the body and provide energy
  4. Grier and Betts

    Kenny, forget the little shrimp Hudler. sign Grier AND Betts! and we'll be more than ok for this upcoming season. Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Holmstrom Franzen, Filppula, Leino Cleary, Helm, Grier Maltby, Draper, Betts Lidstrom, Ericsson Kronwall, Rafalski Stuart, Lebda Lilja either traded or IR -- and if you need to trade BOTH LILJA AND LEBDA DO IT --KINDL or MEECH can take the 6th spot (we'll look to adding vetern presence at the trade deadline!) Meech - 7th D-man Downy/McCarty - 13th forward GET 'ER DONE!! and PLEASE STOP CONSIDERING JASON WILLIAMS!
  5. Forsberg?

    New to this forum however i've been reading posts for awhile. Makes my days fly at work! Anyways I was wondering how everyone would feel about a possible Forsberg signing. I know he's had his foot issues but if his foot was good to go, does anyone think he'd take a shot at playing with a bunch of his fellow countrymen and a go at one more Stanley Cup? The face of Colorado has changed so I dont think if he could play he'd go back there...and Philadelphia doesn't have any cap room. Soooo why not Detroit??? He could play with Z and Dats no problem...or move Franzen to line one and have a Forsberg, Filpula, Cleary line?? .....maybe i'm living in a dreamworld but I would love to see a healthy Forsberg playing for a Stanley Cup in a Wings jersey at 2.5 mill for a year.