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  1. Hi all... new to hockey...

    The Avs are rivals as well.
  2. Just found out on 97.1 the Ticket that EX Redwing Martin Lapointe is now a Chicago Blackhawk! I believe he previously played for the Boston Bruins in the Eastern Conference. Any thoughts in Lapointe on being a Chicago Blackhawk.
  3. How does Brad McCrimmon STILL have a job?

    I agree. Hopefully it will motive the team.
  4. Chicago Blackhawks will go broke!

    Didn't realize it was a typo. Mean't to put FOR before broke. Anyways thanks for a lot of the responses on this topic here on letsgowings forum wing fans.....
  5. Chicago Blackhawks will go broke!

    Here is a interesting article written by Christopher Botta. A hockey writer on fanhouse.com. Any thought or opinions on this article would be appreciated. Vultures waiting for the Chicago Blackhawks to address their looming salary cap trouble before the March 3 trade deadline are going to be disappointed. The Blackhawks are in position to win a championship. Like the brilliant college kid procrastinating until the eve of the final exam, Chicago won't make a cap-relief deal until they have to. They do not have to until after the Stanley Cup is handed over. In fact, there's a better chance they'll make a deal to improve their chances. The Blackhawks are approximately $1 million under the salary cap today. In the hours leading up to the deadline, they'll have plenty of retroactive cap space to acquire an impact player. In a phone conversation with FanHouse, Blackhawks assistant GM Kevin Cheveldayoff would not reveal his team's specific plans. However, he did shed some light on the state of the Blackhawks. "When your team has developed the high level of chemistry our club has, you want to keep it together," said Cheveldayoff, who joined the Blackhawks this season after 13 years as GM of AHL's Chicago Wolves, including four league titles. "If anything, you hope to add – not subtract. "Of course, we're going to look at everything. One thing we know for certain is that you put your team in the best position to succeed in April, May and June by having depth. And in Stan Bowman, we have a GM who has already proven he is not afraid to make the bold move to make our team better." Even if the Blackhawks decide to not make a move in the next five weeks, they still could be one of the most improved teams around the trade deadline. Dave Bolland, the two-way center who had 46 points last season, is expected to return this week after recovering from back surgery on Nov. 10. Gritty fourth-line right wing Adam Burish, the kind of fierce forechecker who can be invaluable in the playoffs, should return soon after the Olympic break after preseason knee surgery. Those are pretty good additions for a team that's 38-14-4. With a forward depth chart bursting with high-end talent and effective grinders, Chicago could use their cap space on a veteran defenseman or a goaltender -- if Cristobal Huet or Anti Niemi are injured. In discussing the impact of second-year coach Joel Quennville, Cheveldayoff said, "We love his ability to mesh all the different kinds of personalities that are on our roster. Joel's Xs and Os and his dilligence in preparation are as strong as any coach's in the game, but it's passion for seeing everyone blend together into a winning team that really makes him stand out. No one likes winning more than Joel." With the addition of Burish and Boland, and perhaps an acquisition for depth, Chicago will see plenty of winning this spring.
  6. Helm hates Pittsburgh also

    I visited Pittsburgh once. It is a S*t hole when I was there and haven't been there since the mid 90's. Has anything chanced in Pittsburgh since then?
  7. Pittsburgh? Did anybody go to this game?

    Just wondering if anyone in here went to the game in Pittsburgh this afternoon? If you did what was your experience in attending the game before and after? Thanks alot.
  8. Helm hates Pittsburgh also

    Ok..Helm is my favorite rookie on the team! Go wings.
  9. The Olympics Couldn't be Coming at a Worse Time

    I hope none of the wings who are playing the Vancouver Olympics get seriously injured. That would plain suck. I hope franzen sits this one out.
  10. Helm hates Pittsburgh also

    Pittsburgh Fans are the Worst fans in Sports other then Ohio...Fans were talking S*t to me at a sports bar in New York during Game 7 last year! I was F**cking pissed off.
  11. Could Michigan Support Another NHL Team?

    Tampa Lightening almost moved to Detroit a few years back when Bill Davidson bought the NHL Franchise.
  12. Officials...Conspiracy or Incompetence?

    What a terrible call last night! The refs are bunch of idiots!
  13. Can the Detroit Red Wings make history?

    If the Wings struggle with the PK, I predict that Brad McCrimmon will be replaced sometime half way into the 2009-2010 season. He needs to go.
  14. Wings look to regroup after Game 7 stunner

    I disagree because the Redwings were on verge to become a dynasty in the new millenium...That PHUCKING hurt like hell!!! Indeed I was old enough to remember what had happened back in 95 SCF and WCF in 96 that was painful as well. I have been a Redwings Fan my whole life.
  15. Wings look to regroup after Game 7 stunner

    I have agree with you on this one...Go ahead blame the refs. Also you should blame Gary Puckman as well.