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  1. Wings grant tryout to Dan Cloutier

    x2 he's played some great hockey in GR.
  2. Chelios still looking for place to play

    we traded for him
  3. Top 20 Wings prospects

    yea. i think they are juding this by the players upside. Kindl has the ability to be a #1 defenseman, Larsson and Mcollum top tier goalies, leino a possible 25-30 goal scorer and Helms biggest upside is a god 3rd liner. he's never gonna be a 30 goal scorer or get 60 point in a season. he's jsut gonna be a great energy guy like Clutterbuck is in Minnesota (though better at it than cal)
  4. Aaron Downey gets NHL Coyotes try-out

    Good luck to downey, everytime he jumped on the ice he got th crow at the joe going, especially the game he played in against st. louis this past season