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  1. Calgary Flames watch

    I would be happy if they got two seconds for him right now, or a prospect that's capable of turning into a 60 point two-way player.
  2. Helm's speed

    Lombardi, Glencross
  3. I've Never Wached Game 7 of the 2009 SCF...

    Despite not being a Wings fan I understand very painfully. I can't watch OT of game 6 of the 2004 Stanley Cup Finals and have to resort to closing the video before a Tampa Bay player slewfoots a Flame leading to the winning goal. I won't even look at Game 7. 6 years and I'm still easily pissed off.
  4. Getting Rid of diving

    My posts have little to do with the videos in this thread. He gets called for them because of his reputation. You're correct.
  5. Getting Rid of diving

    In case of no argument, resort to pictures.
  6. Getting Rid of diving

    Great argument. I wouldn't say I'm the one whining. The whiners are the ones that won't give up on something Crosby did in his first couple seasons. Why is it every team that beats the Wings are immediately called divers? Is it really hard to see how your team has been winning for the last five years? The constant interference and picking is ridiculous. Have you ever thought about the fact that you all cheer for a team of major *******? They aren't willing to stand up for themselves and their dirty play so eventually a guy like Kopecky drops his gloves and gets his face smashed in.
  7. Getting Rid of diving

    Maybe he wouldn't get called for interference so much if he didn't actually interfere with the goalie every game? and to those of you calling Crosby a diver, maybe you should take a closer look at Franzen. Or maybe just take notice of how everytime an opposing player touches Holmstrom he goes flying into the goalie, even if he was pushed in a direction that wouldn't put him into the goalie.
  8. NHL Playoff Ratings

    I'm not 100% sure but I think the ratings are taken from samples. Ratings companies install devices on however many participants TV's and record which programs they're watching
  9. Good old Regular Season Joe

    Joe Thornton isn't to be blamed for the Sharks being eliminated. Their defense was outmatched by the Hawks. If there is one single player I'd blame it's Heatley who not surprisingly sucked all series and cost his team a couple games.
  10. WC in Pitt. pretty much a done deal for 2011

    Do you really think Bettman is the one that decides which teams play in the Winter Classic?
  11. Holland Targets Gritty 4th Liner

    Brandon Prust is the perfect fourth line player but I'm thinking he'll re-sign in New York after being traded 3 times over the last year. Chris Higgins was pretty gritty in his short time with the Flames, not sure if he would sign in a place planning to throw him on the fourth line, would be pretty cheap as he has had two bad years in a row. In the case of injuries he could be thrown on a third or second line. David Moss could be developed into a Holmstrom replacement. You can have him for free if you want. I'd hate to see Nystrom wearing a Wings jersey but he is another one of those Prust-type players. Really good at cycling the puck, can play on a checking line, and is able to fight. Great energy player that would potentially score 15 goals on the fourth line on an offensively oriented team. I'd say he can carry a fourth line as he definitely makes the fourth liners around him better...
  12. Who else plays like Holmstrom?

    Way to insult Morrow.
  13. Phoenix has around 4 million people. I just don't believe that it will never be able to have a financially successful hockey team. When a team doesn't when they don't attract fans. Calgary was pretty close to moving eight or nine years ago but were saved by Iginla's 52 goals and the cup run a couple years after.
  14. Calgary Flames watch

    Yeah... well except, you know... they've been better since those trades.
  15. Hockey doesn't belong in San Jose either, right? What about Dallas?