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  1. I believe they can win but you have to realize that if we make even 1 mistake... it's over. We have NO room for error. We have to be flawless.
  2. Every team in the West knows that they have to get past Detroit to go far in the playoffs. No team wants to play a healthy Wings team in the playoffs.
  3. This. Don't separate Bert and Pav... Have you noticed that they have established an awesome chemistry in these past few weeks? Why would you put them on different lines... >_>
  4. Meech doesn't deserve to wear the 14. Personally, I would love to see his number retire, but doesn't look like it. There are a few player out there ahead of him.
  5. One of my favorite players all time. GG Shanny. It was fun to see you play. Best of luck in the future!
  6. Owned.
  7. He's got a great stick!
  8. It better be a goalie.
  9. I still think that Manny Legace is a better option than Howard.
  10. Active: 1. Shanny 2. Federov 3. Conklin Retired: 1. Yzerman 2. Hasek 3. Hull
  11. Hopefully we can use this as a chance to grab Shanny. But wow, guess we're not gonna get the 40+ goals out of Franzen I was hoping for.
  12. Columbus with 103 points? Chicago finishing in 1st place? LA with 98?!?!?! Surprised Detroit even got the 8th spot...
  13. I would love to see him come back to Detroit.
  14. How does this explain Ozzie's play? I don't think 3/4 of the team being AHL players should effect his play. Even the last game he played, didn't he allow like 3 goals? I understand it's too early to make assumptions, and don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Ozzie fan. But still...