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  1. Trailer for the HABS movie.

    Hey guys, here's the trailer for the new Habs movie! It looks a little weird but i'm sure it's gonna give goosebumps to the real Canadiens fans. Heres the video trailer: Pour toujours, les Canadiens
  2. Forseberg with new comeback attempt?

    Forsberg will have a try with the team of MODO. He will have a week to prove himself and maybe interest an NHL team. According to the daily swedish newspaper AFTONBLADET, he's in great shape, his foot is going a lot better and he really desires to comback in the NHL. If he comes back, who will give him a contract?
  3. The website interviewed Hall of Famer and hockey legend, Ted Lindsay, at the Joe Louis Arena during a Red Wing's practice this weekend. The founder of the Player's Association comments for the first time the dismissal of Paul Kelly and see the Red Wings skate during practice.