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  1. the only way to win when you can only score one goal is if your goalie gets a shut out every game. Something tells me this will not be a "December to Remember" repeat. Oh, well...
  2. Seriously? No one is actually watching this game, apparently. Or you would be saying something about this bogus penalty
  3. too much birthday celebration? None of them looked too sharp in the second, except Mraz
  4. we are giving FLA a lot of chances on our net... no likey.
  5. It's OK... now it's not a shut out, pressure off. Mraz will settle down and let no more in. All the skaters have to do is score a couple more for us, and we're all good!
  6. Killer was the man.... and... we are tied. EDIT: never mind! Wheeee... disallowed, offside
  7. Unassisted, but I swear Mantha has given Hank a new lease on life....
  8. Yay, leave Z and Mantha on the same line, they look like they have good chemistry. Not sure about Glenny on the 2nd, but I actually like the 4th line... always looking for another grind line, here. LGRW!!
  9. the entire team showed up tonight for the most part. It showed. Game Stars all around!!
  10. I love it, against his old team, at that. Yay, Otter!!
  11. I find a bit of goalie theatrics entertaining, but you all know who my favorite was, so that's no surprise, eh?
  12. nice judo throw, there, XO...
  13. Nice save on a good play by Dallas, Petr
  14. Eaves has to get a custom strap for his helmet, to fit under that mass of face follicles...
  15. I know where you live.... and can control your internet.