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  1. I thought the same thing. He is going to be very valuable and is getting comfortable now. This is good. I will share my observation about Nyquist, sort of in the same vein. To my eyes, Gus Gus has always 'disappeared' when Datsyuk was on the ice. Invisible. When Dats was out injured (or, now, gone), GusGus plays the way we know he is capable of doing. Let's see if I am right - and he steps up and shines this season.
  2. where is BoS? We need Zetterbutt-pats here!!!
  3. wonder what the Wings have to do to get a penalty shot - if not that? Whatever.
  4. the only Wings fan in the arena stands and applauds... LOL~ 2nd goal as a Wing and a shortie to boot. Me likey!!
  5. Mrazzle Dazzle... nice one, Petr
  6. I wonder if I am the only one who rolls over the facebook posters' names to see where the "stupid" resides? People I don't know (obviously) and usually would never WANT to know. I am usually unsurprised by what I discover.
  7. We're keeping this lad forever... South Detroit!!!
  8. Pavel rides off into the Russian sunset... and Nyquist shall come into his own....
  9. A A Hockeytown!!!
  10. Happy to see this Wings team playing their game against a 'weaker' opponent and not playing down to them. May this trend continue!!
  11. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Great job by the refs, there
  12. what did I say? No more Ghost Nyquist... open the flood gates, baybee!!
  13. Weber won't mess with our baby Dillie again, betcha. Good boy, made it count!
  14. ooh, how miserable... poor guys... I wish one of them had smooched Peckerini... I am sick of him being 8 feet tall in the crease.
  15. what the heck?