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  1. Lindy Ruff is available.
  2. There is but one Hockeytown. It's Detroit.
  3. Thanks to all of the fans who hung in here all season, and participated in the GDTS. Thanks to the GDT talents (Nerve Damage, Hockeytown, Mabus, all of you). Thanks to Matt, of course, and to the intrepid mods. You all are awesome for giving us the best site in hockey to laugh and cry and cheer for our Wings. It's been a tough season, but better days are coming. LGRW!!!
  4. I didn't gloss over it. Half a box of tissues used up here....
  5. I initially said 20 flying 'pi. I am going to be under, I suspect. We are up to 15.
  6. It is a basketball arena, like Dallas AA Center. Fans will be unhappy, I predict
  7. those were the days... nice to see you, Vladdy!
  8. I would give a lot to be there... no chance at all, but I can wish. I really hope someone records it all and puts it on youtube for those of us who cannot be there in person.
  9. G-Bub. He can hang out with D-Boss.
  10. Are they dog-tors or dach-tors? hmmmm....
  11. Svechnikov started his post-game presser with, "Hello, friends..." Awww.... I say we keep him for about 15 years.
  12. they will make you feel better... that Russian baybee is here to stay. We need a Russian... he's a good one.
  13. Hank Looking forward to seeing Gus Gus shine again tonight, and that second line might need to stay right like that. Jimmeh is the man. LGRW!!!
  14. Aw.... I am already in love with this kid. Can't wait for next season, seriously.
  15. Undefeated in the shootout. That was poetic, Svechie getting the game-deciding goal. The Future is now.