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  1. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Great job by the refs, there
  2. what did I say? No more Ghost Nyquist... open the flood gates, baybee!!
  3. Weber won't mess with our baby Dillie again, betcha. Good boy, made it count!
  4. ooh, how miserable... poor guys... I wish one of them had smooched Peckerini... I am sick of him being 8 feet tall in the crease.
  5. what the heck?
  6. I was hoping Nyquist would show up this year. He might still... he always seemed to sulk in Dats' shadow. I am hopeful.
  7. Nashville at Detroit 7:30 PM FSSM FSDT NHL
  8. Are we going to try to win scoring one goal per game (again) this season? We know how that is going to turn out. smh
  9. He could call Dom for some pointers... Hasek used to literally go into the locker room between periods and take each player apart when they did something stupid in front of him. They lived in fear of intermissions in Buffalo. Mraz needs some Czech-Goalie coaching advice. If Hasek could drag the Sabres into the limelight, maybe Mrazek can do the same here?
  10. We gave a rookie his first NHL point... so we are getting better. We usually give a rookie his first NHL goal.... so... yeah.
  11. Florida announcers are not very complimentary of the Wings.... of course, they tend to be correct, too.
  12. this game is certainly winnable, if the Wings decide to wake up here... aside from Petr
  13. PK... they know damned good and well, minor penalties spell bad news to us... kill it, WIngs.
  14. Panthers arena has a lot of empty lower bowl seats...
  15. Vanek is proving he belongs here... nice to see.