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  1. where is BoS? We need Zetterbutt-pats here!!!
  2. wonder what the Wings have to do to get a penalty shot - if not that? Whatever.
  3. the only Wings fan in the arena stands and applauds... LOL~ 2nd goal as a Wing and a shortie to boot. Me likey!!
  4. Mrazzle Dazzle... nice one, Petr
  5. I wonder if I am the only one who rolls over the facebook posters' names to see where the "stupid" resides? People I don't know (obviously) and usually would never WANT to know. I am usually unsurprised by what I discover.
  6. We're keeping this lad forever... South Detroit!!!
  7. Pavel rides off into the Russian sunset... and Nyquist shall come into his own....
  8. A A Hockeytown!!!
  9. Happy to see this Wings team playing their game against a 'weaker' opponent and not playing down to them. May this trend continue!!
  10. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Great job by the refs, there
  11. what did I say? No more Ghost Nyquist... open the flood gates, baybee!!
  12. Weber won't mess with our baby Dillie again, betcha. Good boy, made it count!
  13. ooh, how miserable... poor guys... I wish one of them had smooched Peckerini... I am sick of him being 8 feet tall in the crease.
  14. what the heck?
  15. I was hoping Nyquist would show up this year. He might still... he always seemed to sulk in Dats' shadow. I am hopeful.