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  1. i think there are several guys who can stand up for their teammates. i think there is one guy who is suddenly much more probable. there were any number of wings on the ice when shea weber bashed zetterberg's head into the glass over and over. nobody did anything. it was almost disgusting. shanny would have gone berzerk had somebody done that to yzerman. chelios would have instantly punched somebody. they left zetterberg out to dry. that should never happen.
  2. i'm pretty sure that holland has heard of semin. holland's problem has never been that he doesn't go after anybody. he went after suter and parise. he didn't get them. if he gets nash, or weber, or doan, or some combination therein, nobody will be shaking over suter and parise in minnesota. we do still have zetterberg and datsyuk. ian white. jimmy howard. cleary. franzen. kronwall. minnesota is trying to keep up. it's not like they suddenly leapt ahead of detroit. i think i'll keep holland.
  3. i think he's going to play. he's not going to sit around passively letting some other guy play. he'll effort his way into the lineup. i think babcock is going to love him. i was checking him out on youtube and there's a clip where he runs over ryan miller from buffalo. dirty hit. but so audacious that it made me laugh. the first time i saw it, i was kind of horrified. by the third time, i was laughing. by the 10th time. . . lets just say i found it so audacious that it was amusing. i'd like to know the story behind that hit. did buffalo cheap shot a preds star earlier in the game? or is tootoo just crazy?
  4. i'll preface this post with this: i've never played hockey and i don't know much about the intricacies of contracts and all the little details. i'm just a wings fan. but i love this move. so much so that i'm posting on this board for the first time in years, just because i want to get it off my chest. my wife is pretty much sick of my e mails on the subject by now. regardless of if we had signed parise or suter, i think i'd still have been more geeked over the tootoo signing. even though he may be nowhere near as technically skilled. i don't think 1.3 million is much at all. not for the bomb that is about to go off at joe louis when he takes the ice. i think his impact will make the 1.3 million seem like a good bargain when it's said and done. i like it for these reasons. 1. he goes all out all the time. babcock is always whining about "going to the net more" and putting the puck on goal. i think he's gonna get that with tootoo. he's not good enough to be fancy. he goes straight ahead full speed ahead all the time. i think babcock will like him despite himself. 2. he's pretty much fearless. he instantly has a role. the first time somebody runs over hank or datsyuk, everybody's gonna be looking expectantly at tootoo. and he's almost certain to respond. the days of shea webber ramming zetterberg's head into the wall repeatedly with no fear of consequences are over. there will be consequences. he might lose fights, but one thing is certain: he's not backing down. i am looking forward to that. and i think our top stars are gonna appreciate it as well. 3. he's only 27, and his numbers aren't getting worse. at the end of three years, he's still in his prime. 30 points? it's not out of the question. neither is 40 at some point. we're getting a hockey player. not a goon. tootoo can play every shift every game. how many wings games against nashville has he played well against us? somebody besides me must like him. he's been on the same team that drafted him for 8 years. it's not like he was such a jerk that he wore out his welcome. read a predators forum. their fans aren't exactly thrilled he's going to detroit. it's not like, "good riddance!" it's more like, "uh oh." i realize that tootoo can walk the fine line and go over it. he's not the first guy. he won't be the last. does he leave his feet sometimes? does kronwall? the difference is that when the other teams go berzerk over a tootoo hit, he stands there and states his case. kronwall will skate away. people make more of a few hits than what it is. vladdy was and is one of my favorite wings. he wasn't exactly known around the league as mr. clean. tootoo is what he is. he's going to play hard. he's gonna give a lot of effort. he's gonna crash into a lot of people. he's going to stand up for his new teammates. i think he's going to blend in just fine for all of those reasons. i think he adds instant excitement and i can't understand how people don't like this move. i think he's a cheap difference maker. i think he gives the fourth line some umph. i think he gives the whole team some snarl. i think he's going to add more spark than bonfires. in the end, i think his new teammates, and the fans, are going to love him. he's fearless and he gives max effort. i'll take that. he's youngish. he's tested. the fact that he's sort of the "anti-babcock wing" is a good thing, imo. not a bad thing. i'm tired of seeing the wings get pushed around in the playoffs. tootoo will push back.
  5. Leino scratched on saturday

    I kind of agree in that I think it means that he thinks that Leino could be a fairly big time scorer.
  6. favourite player growing up...

    My favorite players weren't necessarily the best players when I was a kid. Hockey: Bob Probert. Bob was a bad man, and he had a little skill as well. It was easy to like McCarty when he came along, because he kind of reminded me of Probert. Baseball: Dave Kingman. He would either strike out, or hit a home run. Either way, he was going to swing as hard as he could in the process and fall down half the time. Basketball: Larry Bird. He looked like a dork, couldn't jump, couldn't run, but he was still unstoppable. Football: Probably Billy Sims. Barry was Barry, and he was amazing, but I'm still partial to Billy Sims.
  7. Jimmy Howard

    IMO Howard can only be judged on what he's done with the big team, and admittedly, it hasn't been much. I also agree that it's getting to the point where he needs to start stepping up. But that being said, what have we seen of him? A handful of games? He's not going to be judged by what he did in Grand Rapids. . . unless he was a total bomb. Everything is different there. They're looking at other stuff at that level. Is he always in the right place? Does he do the right things with the puck? Is he making the initial stop? Holland must think so, at least to some degree. He's basically left the backup job to Howard. And I'm not about to start questioning Holland at this point. I guess we're going to find out this year, one way or the other, whether Howard if for real or not. Personally, I think it's about high time we found out. And besides, if he stinks up the joint, I'm pretty sure the situation will be fixed before it's too late, whether the bring in another guy, or whatever. The Wings generally are never overly in love with any one goalie. They have shown that they aren't afraid to pull the trigger in that regard. So if Howard is getting killed by midseason, I'm pretty positive we're not going to be seeing him come playoff time anyway. But right now? What the hell? Throw him in there! You can't treat him with kid gloves forever. It's about time we find out whether he's a keeper or a nothing, and the only way we're going to know is on the big stage. I'm not worried that Babcock and Holland are going to let Howard cost the Wings a top seed in the playoffs. Not by any stretch of the imagination. His place on the depth chart is nowhere near guaranteed. But for now, yeah, I think he needs to get in there. I'd also slip Larrson in there in healthy doses.