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  1. The Source Of Datsyuk’s Problems ?

    for a person who likes life, detroit isnt the best place to live. Even by russian standards, detroit is a miserable city to be in.
  2. The Source Of Datsyuk’s Problems ?

    How do people on here know so much about datsyuk's personal life?? kinda kreepy and probably all BS
  3. Should Datsyuk be Traded?

    No way trade datsyuk.. he is definetly capable for 100 point seasons... he's hit 97 twice. He's definitely played better this season than his stats show, and trading him just because of a slow 30 games is rediculous.. especially when half of our starters are injured and the rest of our team looks sub par. Though i think he can play a lot better than he is right now, he and zetterberg are the only players who consistently generate chances.
  4. #1 Hockey Country

    Your entire argument is ridiculous.. there wouldn't even be an NHL if it weren't for Canada. Half of the league is made of Canadians, the USA contributes 21 percent of the players to the NHL (half of which are crap). Everywhere you go in Canada, hockey is the number one sport. The only reason why hockey is even remotely popular in the states is because of CANADIAN players (wayne gretzky in LA, Lemuiex in pitts.. the list goes on and on). Hockey is so popular in Canada that people even watch the world juniors, and the world championships. Even the canadian stereotype is somehow related to hockey. Your entire argument is just based on the fact that theres more money in America because theres 10 times more people... and they only like hockey cuz of Canadian superstars. Hockey is Canadas sport FOR SURE!
  5. Shocking news about Datsyuk..

    Datsyuk is certainly playing below his potential.. i don't know how anyone can argue that. A lot of people have said that he's the best defensive foreward in the league and how hes playing at selke level... well i got news for all of you.. he's a plus 3 right now. Zach Parise is a plus 19 (not to mention he has 30 points). And yea, he does have s***ty linemates which definetly has not helped his play, but but its no excuse. All of our teams stars, with the exception of maybe zetterberg, have been playing like s*** this season and need to pick it up.
  6. Abdelkader

    eaves for sure.. hes invisibile on our team
  7. Officials...Conspiracy or Incompetence?

    as a wings fan, i thought i was used to bias refs ******* us over.. all the no goal cuz holmstrom is in the crease calls im immune to cuz it happens so much. But ive actually never seen a call like that before in my life... im surprised they didnt get more argument from the wings though.. lets just count our blessings this didnt happen in the playoffs.
  8. Shanahan- Any Chance Wings Retire his #?

    federov was one of the best players to play for detroit. he gave yzerman something to work with. defs retire his number.. osgood though? you guys make me laugh
  9. Still want to trade Osgood?

    How is that a leap of logic? three games prior to that? what about the 12 games he's played this season.. 6-3-2 record, 2.77 GAA.., ranked 27th in the league for goalies right now. he's not been great buddy, and with our injuries and the way the rest of our team has been playing (not much better than osgood), we need a goalie to take us into the playoffs... we need to worry about getting in before we can worry about how he's going to play when we do
  10. Still want to trade Osgood?

    what happens when osgood faces more than 15 shots in a game? he lets in five goals... i know hes a great playoff performer but hes not gonna get a chance to prove that if we keep playing like s***. I know all these losses, especially the one last night wasnt his fault entirely, but i'd breath easier if we had a goalie that can play both season and playoffs. The fact that some of you even mention that hes only a playoff goalie are admitting that hes not a complete player, why would detroit want anyone whos not a complete player. If Osgood was traded, though i know this will never happen, i wouldnt shed a tear.
  11. What can Lidstrom do to fire up the boys?

    the guy lead the wings to the finals 2 years in a row... i think he knows what hes doing
  12. Leafs

    ITs the beginning of the season guys, the leafs will bounce back and at the end of the season will just manage to scale the heights of mediocraty like they do every single year.
  13. Number Retirement

    obviously its an opinion, both players were absolutely incredible and I agree the Federov was a huge part of our team and should have his number retired. But his stats dont come close to touching Yzermans 80s stats
  14. Number Retirement

    No yzerman, no cups either. Both amazing players, but Yzerman was a more crucial part of our team
  15. Number Retirement

    THANK YOU! Im not sure about the good relationship part though (not saying you're wrong) i was just unaware of that. And to those who say he wont have his number retired for detroit because of his "bad" relationship, be reminded that ted lindsey left on bad terms (if i recall correctly) too.