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  1. Nice move! Hard to the net.
  2. Wonder if we'll hear that tomorrow.
  3. Thanks. That's the one I was thinking of. I guess it wasn't last season. I wonder what the aftermath/fan/league reaction was.
  4. Can anyone remember other instances of clear-cut goals not counted against other teams? I think I remember one that Edmonton should have had last year. Any others?
  5. Well, they didn't play that great but they were royally screwed.
  6. Not allowed to push anyone anymore I guess.
  7. Garbage call. Garbage refs tonight. Who are they?
  8. haha. True.
  9. Rafalski doesn't look good tonight.
  10. password: kevin if you want the red wings feed and not the 'nucks.
  11. atdhe is back!!
  12. I haven't tried these but maybe you'll want to check them out: