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    Athanasiou Signed 1 year $1.4 mil

    Probably isn't enough considering Colorado is said to want an arm and a leg for him, but: AA and Nyq/Tatar for the Duch Would benefit both teams imo. Duchene has checked out over there, he does not want to be there and it's silly to think that he is going to play hard for a team he wants off of. the package they are receiving will provide more offense than a disgruntled Duch on his own. Doubt it's enough, but it probably would actually be a good trade for both teams. They say Duchene is a star, well, he hasn't been for awhile. Their asking price is absolutely ludicrous and I honestly think at this point it isn't unfair value for him, though I'm not sure snowblowjoe would agree.
  3. DangleDangleBeach

    Ken Holland on 97.1 this morning.

    But they're a package deal! Lol. I personally don't see why Vegas would want Jimmy. I actually for the more part liked what I saw from him this year, but he hasn't been able to stay healthy consistently. Furthermore, there are other solid goalies who will be available who have, so I just don't see it personally. Also don't think he will be traded. Too big of a contract and too much uncertainty as to how many games he can play for ya. Jimmy will be back imo, for better or for worse. Like I say, I actually think when he was healthy he gave the team a chance to win this year more often than not.
  4. DangleDangleBeach

    Ken Holland on 97.1 this morning.

    Don't think on like a per player basis they get anything aside from the cap relief, as you stated; however, I think Vegas did fork up something like 500 mill for expansions fees, which goes to the other owners from what I remember.
  5. I really don't think this trade is as bad as everyone is saying. If Florida makes the playoffs then Arizonas 3rd round pick should be closer to a 2nd rounder eh? Sure, I wanted a first rounder for him too, but I don't think that was happening. Instead of him walking away after the season for nothing we at least got something for him, even if it wasn't what you guys wanted or thought we should have. It's really easy to sit on our computers and speculate, but we don't know what goes on in those phone calls or the value he is perceived to have elsewhere. You take what you can get... and I say that as a person who is not a KH supporter. Mcilrath is an animal. How many guys in the league would even fight Wayne Simmonds? Mcilrath held his own against him, and literally nobody wants to throw down with Simmonds. FEARLESS. Receiving a guy who was once compared to Scott Steven's excites me even if he has since been called a flop. Obviously, he is nowhere near a Scott Steven's at this point, and it is unlikely he ever will be... but he would hardly be the first player to get called a flop only to be traded elsewhere and had success. Am not saying that will for sure happen, but I guess I'm in the minority feeling like there is potential there. Go watch him on YouTube and tell me he that there isn't the potential for him to bring an element we have been missing a long time.
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    2017 NHLTrade Deadline Discussion

    Intriguing the wings are said to be interested in Duchene. Unfortunately, as always, we don't have close to what they are looking for. Either way, it seems like a change of scenery would do him good if he does land elsewhere. Wings are standing pat. Only moves kenny is considering is how he can bring eaves and flipper back.
  7. DangleDangleBeach

    Steve Ott signs 1 year, $800k deal with Detroit

    I thought they were going with Lehner. If we were to trade Howard to them they would be giving up an asset just to potentially lose him in the expansion draft so for that reason I think its unlikely. Unless Lehner is exempt? Don't recall the specifics on the rules. Recent reports mention Kane has pissed off people in Buffalo too and could be on the outs. If these reports are true which wouldn't be surprising a deal around Howard and Kane could potentially make sense for both teams for different reasons, but that is only if they aren't losing one in the expansion draft shortly after. I can dream =/ As for the Ott signing... I don't hate it, but lets be honest he was injured a lot of last year and is a shell from the agitator we remember him being. He is still excellent on draws, can kill some penalties, provide some grit, but I just fear he will struggle to stay healthy again. Also don't understand why we need both him and miller. I get one or the other, but we have like way more 3rd and 4th liners than we really need.
  8. Though I am not huge on the term it seems it was probably the only way it was getting done was by overpayment in hit or term. I would have rather seen they overpay the cap hit for like 2 or 3 years but people would still not have liked that either. Though I too question KH logic and am not overly optimistic about our front office I do think nielson will be a good player for us for like 3 years and that people will like him. Just like others have noted I wish he wasn't 32 and signed for 6 years but nonetheless he will help us in many different facets short term. Watch some highlights I think you'll feel a little better about him at least for a few seasons.
  9. DangleDangleBeach

    Lesser FA players.

    Brouwer is a 3rd line winger at best with some clutchability. Problem is that with our current roster + Brouwer we probably don't make playoffs and even get to experience it lol. I think Okposo is the best option considering it sounds like lucic has narrowed it down to a couple teams and you haven't heard much link to detroit like at alleast and such strong rumors to Edmonton. Not sure how much to read into it but just saying. Okposo seems up in the air still so maybe can overpay him slightly to sign here. He is worth it. He is a way better option than just about every other free agent available and would help our offense and pp immensely. Brings tenacity around the net that we could absolutely benefit from and i #^$*@ u not, he actually creates a lot of his own offense contrary to the common belief that he has inflated stats from playing with Tavares. Wish Nielson would sign a 2 year deal but that's not happening so no thanks. He is kind of a poor man's Pav though. Watch his highlights... dudes got some dangles and kills shutouts which is another area we could use some assistance. Also has a real high hockey iq and plays in all situations. Like I say.. kind of a poor man's Pav. With that said. I have a strong inclination that we will sign the swede Loui eriksson for way longer than we should, and either overpay backes on like a 6 year deal, or we sign Staal. Those just feel like KH moves to "strengthen" the team.
  10. DangleDangleBeach

    Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    Ericcson is going nowhere. I feel like the penalties of buying him out would almost be worth it even though we would have yet another nonroster player on the books. That malkin rumor is interesting. I would say there is no way in hell but Bowman has proved he can make things happen that didn't seem doable under the cap so ya never know.
  11. DangleDangleBeach

    Detroit trades Datsyuk to Arizona

    I guess he was a Leaf a fan? Could have been a fan of both? Seems weird to wear a leafs hat as a red wings fan at a game against the leafs if he was a bigger red wings fan than leafs fan. Maybe his head was just cold =) Pretty interesting to be honest, but my point was not to speculate which team lark was a bigger fan of lol.. assumed he was a wings fan. Point was stamkos is a hometown kid and he was a leafs fan growing up so for that reason I just kind of feel like he will probably go there unfortunately. I think Okposo would still be sweet though and would be a nice addition to this team. He has a nasty wrister and he just battles his ass off around the net. Would be fun to have a player like that even if he isn't quite as electrifying as stammer is.
  12. DangleDangleBeach

    Detroit trades Datsyuk to Arizona

    Well I guess I stand corrected
  13. DangleDangleBeach

    Detroit trades Datsyuk to Arizona

    So you are a big Wings fan? Well, don't forget that Stamkos grew up in the Toronto area cheering for the Leafs as a child so he felt the same way about the Leafs growing up and I fear they may offer a nostalgia factor that we can't match. Liken it to a hometown kid like Larkin choosing Toronto over Detroit... he might, but it seems unlikely knowing how cool it must be for him to play for the team he idolized just a few years ago. Like someone else said it reminds me a lot of the Parise/Suter who chose to go home as much as I hope I am wrong. I really want him to sign here as much as anyone else and whereas you are wondering why he wouldn't not sign here I am stuck wondering why he would. It is hard to say what Stamkos wants on a personal level so at this point it is merely speculating. If it is only about money he will go to Buffalo for like 12 per and play with Eichel. Also is pretty close to home for him and is a good hockey city with a lot to be optimistic about. If its about nostalgia he will go home and play for Toronto with Mathews and be a part of bring success back to his hometown organization. I think most players are aware of the higher pressure that comes with playing in Toronto and especially when you're the hometown kid who signed there and are viewed as the "savior" for the organization. I think the additional pressure of playing Toronto is the ONLY chance the Wings could potentially have in being a true destination for him and I just hope his concern of the media pressure outweighs the nostalgia factor... Also that he saw what happened to Kessel lol It wont be easy for him playing there. The clock will start ticking as soon as he signs and from there on out every bad game or turnover will be highly scrutinized until he brings a cup there and you know damn well he knows this too. The other angle is that if he does bring them a cup home he will be a hero there for the rest of his life and will be viewed as the guy who brought the cup back to Toronto after such a long wait. I envy the contract he will be receiving but I do not envy his decision as it is a difficult one. I just am not sure I see Detroit as much of a favorite here as much as you do but I do love your optimism!
  14. DangleDangleBeach

    Red Wings Target Mike Green

    don't think they want franzen. I honestly don't think there is a team in the league who takes on that contract to be honest with you. Were stuck with franzen a long time my friend. I really dont like green. Maybe a change of scenery would do him good but I guess that depends what they are asking. Though this helps pp and gives us a right handed defenseman it also gives us another defensive liability who is not responsible in his own zone. He had more giveaways than smith last year in less games. Also lets consider his durability... Last year he played 70 games but the three years prior he combined for 115 games played. Maybe we trade helm for green and make bets on who plays more games? :-)
  15. DangleDangleBeach

    Time to pull the trigger on J-Bo?

    no thanks to jay-bo... overpaid and overrated