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  1. Get your updated Frozen Four Tickets Yet

    How did it work out for you on row numbers?
  2. Get your updated Frozen Four Tickets Yet

    Originally in 331, row 17. Now in 340, row 10. Like you, not real thrilled. If you gotta move me off center ice, do a better job of moving me down rows. I doubt I would have bought these, had I been given the option. But what do they care? No refunds, no exchanges...
  3. 2010 NCAA Frozen 4 seating plans changed!

    And even those sections are not all $40 seats. I just searched TM for a pair of $79 uppers, and was offered: I did the same thing as you guys, buying the upper level center ice seats. I am suprised at how few uppers they originally sold if they can squeeze em all into the mid and high rows of 9 sections and stil have some left over to put on TM. Worse seats, for sure. But I guess the environment will be better in a smaller, more filled configuration vs the original at 50% or less capacity. And if I feel really hosed over my new assignment, maybe they will have some resale value for budget-minded fans of a visiting team.