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  1. So, let me get this straight. It's only local telecasts/advertisements that we'll see the Amway logo with the winged wheel, right? Like, it won't show up on Hockey Night in Canada graphics or anything?
  2. Maybe not to real hockey fans like us, but I'd say we're outnumbered by those who only know about Crosby, Ovechkin and the KHL incident. Because of that, it makes sense. I could be wrong though.
  3. If only we actually gave Santiago a chance at batting leadoff.. funny you mentioned Martinez not moving from the 5 hole, as Cabrera and him hit 3 and 4 respectively last night. I wasn't a fan of that but I guess I understand with us not having Young in the lineup.
  4. Yeah, I was little bit confused by this since I was hardly able to see any of the game last night and this thread was made after last night's game. Glad to hear they'll be wearing it all season!
  5. The NHL was classy enough to set this up. Of course, they're going to choose their two most popular teams. I see nothing wrong with that. Also, as someone already pointed out, Malkin and Ovechkin are Russia's two biggest NHL stars. Nothing at all disgusting about this.
  6. Nice tribute. I'm kind of surprised they only plan on using them in one game.
  7. This is about as close as you can possibly get to having them be called the Detroit Amways or having "Amway" across the sweater like you see in European soccer league. I hate it but whatever.
  8. I used to feel the same way about Nemo's but I don't think it's anyone's secret anymore. It's always packed for any Red Wings, Tigers or Lions game. It's pretty often that I see a friend of mine there who I had no idea even knew about the place. Anyway, I'm totally against a new arena! Like many others have pointed out, it would mainly benefit those who have a ton of money to blow and would keep the true hockey fans in the dark. Also, it would be too weird for to watch the Wings play anywhere but The Joe. The smell of that place, the moments that have happened there, Budd Lynch, the banners, the pathetic restrooms, the steps to get inside.. it's the embodiment of the greatest hockey city in America. Sure, it's not the nicest arena in the world but it's not like the roof is caving in. I'm not ready to give up The Joe just yet. By the way, there's already an Amway Arena in Orlando, FL. EDIT: Nevermind. It's about to be demolished. Ugh, I hope Ilitch doesn't go with Amway. We should already expect him to not keep his word if he says anything about not giving the new Red Wings arena a corporate name, as he said the same thing about the new Tigers stadium.
  9. I dig Kronwall getting the A. Hopefully he continues to be a physical leader on this team while being productive on defence.
  10. Well I'm a bit relieved that Kenny didn't waste any money on signing him. I was afraid he might've been our last resort.
  11. Well.. what I meant by that was, if Rafalski was still on the team, does Holland make any moves at all? Ian White probably doesn't come here but there were still needs that this team had even with Rafalski.
  12. Just imagine how Holland would've handled this if Rafalski was still on the payroll for next season.
  13. Awesome moment at the Joe tonight! I'm glad I got to experience it.
  14. I'm gonna echo everyone's statements about it being to early. But as for "what's left to prove?"... remember how it felt to lose Game 7 of the Finals last year? I'd say they have something to prove.