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  1. questions about phoenixs goals last night

    The stick at first real time look appeared to be above the shoulder, however, a slow motion look showed the stick to be above the crossbar, but the puck was struck as the stick was coming down from that level. I thought they'd reverse the call, but once I saw the slowmotion replay, I was convinced it was a goal. The topside view of the second goal showed a loose puck on the replay. The ref appeared to be in good position to make the call.
  2. What does having only 9,100 fans look like?

    The Coyotes have beaten the Stanley Cup winners (Pittsburg) and the Stanley Cup losers (Detroit). They beat top teams like the Bruins and San Jose. They beat LA which got off to a fast start. If they keep winning, the crowds will get bigger. You gotta remember, people who live in Arizona aren't from Arizona. Lots of transplants from the midwest. There are many Wings fans, but I only see them when the Coyotes play the Wings, so, if those Wings fans in Phoenix love hockey, then you'd think that they'd want the Coyotes to stay, and if they want NHL hockey in the Valley of the Sun, they'd go to more games. So, I'd encourage all you Wings, Hawks, Pittsburg, Minnesota, and Canada transplants to help keep the Coyotes in Phoenix and go to the games. We had a whiteout for the first home game, so there are plenty of hockey fans here. A native Arizonan doesn't give a damn about hockey, but the transplants do, so get to the games, not to support the Coyotes, but to support NHL hockey. As for last nights game, The Coyotes outskated the Wings. Their speed was no match for Detroit. The in your face defense they play is suffocating. Wings fans have to stop blaming the refs for 'bad calls'........those two 'garbage' goals were good calls......the replays show that the puck was still in the referees sight. There was no goalie interference on Osgood........a Detroit player pushed the Coyotes player into him. Tell it like it is.......the Coyotes were the better team last night. The Wings didn't touch the puck in the overtime period. Osgood is a great goalie, but the winning goal was a bad one that he totallly misplayed. He's a money goalie and if the Wings make the playoffs, he'll come thru. Oh yeah, if you don't like this post, please don't give me the only reply that I hear when the Wings or the Yankees lose.........."How many rings you got?"..........We have none, but this we know: Coyotes 3, Wings 2..........Coyotes 6-2-0, Wings below .500..........deal with it.