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  1. Penguins win again.

    Yes, because injuries should always be used as an absolute excuse for losses.
  2. Another idea for GM's - Shorten Season to 70-74 games

    I could watch the Red Wings hockey 365 days a year. This 4 days stretch off is a bit too much....
  3. Giguere wants out of Anaheim

    6 million dollars. Sounds like the type of overpayment Chicago would love to have. I bet Chi-town is interested. Antti Niemi and Campbell straight across for Giggy?
  4. Leino to Join the Zetterberg-Cleary Line

    To be fair, many LGWers on here have this unrealistic expectations that offense is okay scoring 1 goal, but it's absolutely not okay when Osgood (and Howard) allow more than 1 goal to lose the game. Not even the great Terry Sawchuk could meet those expectations for an entire season. That's just one example of the common unrealistic expectations on LGWs.
  5. Where in the world is Andreas Lilja?

    When Lilja does come back it's going to take awhile before he's back to form. 2 years ago Lilja and Lebda were the two biggest whipping boys on this forum. I expect Lilja to be the whipping boy on LGWs after he returns. That said, I'd like to see Janik play more instead of Lebda/Meech.
  6. Leino to Join the Zetterberg-Cleary Line

    Unrealistic expectations can disappoint. Ville is a rookie that suppose to be on the 3rd line only making $750k. I expect him to score 10-12 goals this season... maybe 18 on the high side. Anything over that I'll consider a 'bonus'. Ville played some very promising games this season and looked very solid. In other games he was absolutely invisible (so was the entire team). All of the things that you'd expect from a rookie.
  7. Leino to Join the Zetterberg-Cleary Line

    That's what I am thinking too. Wouldn't it be awesome if Zetterberg and Leino (and Cleary) become a dominating line together.... so dominating that Babcock cannot separate them even after all the injured players return. One can hope. Another player who needs to start finishing is Bert. If he'd popped a few of those chances in, he might just be the leading scorer on this team right now. He's been producing some great opportunities but not finishing. He's been a force while failing to score. Go Wings
  8. Biron on the Move?

    Lol. You're spinning is making me dizzy. "Howard isn't backup material", "Wings need a real backup", "Howard has value", "Howard had to play because he was out of options", "Howard isn't ready for the big league", "Holland isn't going to choose to lose a player for nothing". LMAO!!! -- btw, what did Holland get for Quincey? Please refresh my memory. So Howard isn't good enough to backup yet he has trade value, but isn't good enough in the NHL but has to play on the Red Wings because he was out of options? Wow, you are really are a back peddler. Howard was "good enough" for Holland to sign, but now that he has started a whopping three games behind a lazy and rusted Red Wings team, he's no longer backup material. Me thinks you forgot what your argument truly is. Keep spinning!
  9. Biron on the Move?

    That's where I stopped reading. Meech playes BOTH positions.
  10. Biron on the Move?

    :facepalm: That was not, even the slightest, the point of my post at all. That's an entirely different thread, point, conversation, argument from the backup-goalie/financial/cap-space of my previous point. However, my point has been proven and you, nor anyone else, can argue it. Holland could have, in fact, resigned Conklin if he felt it was needed. Meech/Shanny/players-name-here could have filled the $700k spot on the roster.
  11. Biron on the Move?

    Again, more misconceptions. Look at this... it's really not that hard, folks. (If Holland didn't want to give Howard a chance) $1.5 million Williams salary / $1.4 million Conklin's salar = WASH! $700,000 Howard's salary / $500k - $700k Eaves type player = WASH! There you go, Williams salary can wash out for CONKLIN. Had Holland wanted to do that. He didn't. Why? Not like Carman suggests, because Carmen suggests that Holland new Howard was a short-term failure. Howard had 3 STARTS for crying out loud. He didn't get more starts because OSGOOD has been the hot hand. Babcock plays the HOT HAND. Again, Williams/Conklin salary = WASH! --- Holland could have found a $700,000 Eaves type contract to plug on Williams open roster spot. Simple math folks.
  12. With all the injuries, how much can we realistically spend?

    Providing the Wings make the playoffs. With all the injuries stacking up, there's no promises they'll crack the 8th seed in such a tight western conference. I'm not throwing in the towel or panicking... but all these injuries sure do spoil things.
  13. Biron on the Move?

    Babcock is known to play the hot hand in net. The Wizard of Oz has been hot. Last game, not so much... though the entire team sucked. Look at Howard to get the start either next game or the game after. If Howard outplays Osgood, look for him to start until he fawks up. Same goes with Osgood.
  14. Penguins win again.

    And yet the Sharks still completely shut down the Penguins. Lol. Funny how Penguins' fans are using injuries as an excuse yet refuse to acknowledge that the Sharks are beat up and facing the injury bug too.
  15. Penguins win again.

    To be fair, the Sharks are suffering from big injuries too. Blake is the Sharks' Lidstrom and they still shut down the Pens.