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  1. GDT

    Yeah ******* Ian White, that douchebag purposely broke his stick to let Perry score...
  2. Homer has seemed to pick up his game the past few weeks. Now he doesn't look fast, but he looks fast for homer.
  3. Do refs change for every playoff game or are we stuck with these fools all series?
  4. I'm seeing a lot of irrelevant hate for Crosby here. Yes I remember back in 08 and 09 when we beat him then he beat us, but how does this take away from his skill? He was out forever then came back like nothing happened and put up numbers at the same pace as before his concussion. Sure the media hypes him all the time, but with good reason.
  5. The only problem tonight was Kindl, without those two flubs we might have been looking at a shutout.
  6. Holy s*** I can't believe it. Pure happiness.
  7. Holy s*** I can't believe this, I seriously can't believe this. My emotions just went from 100% negative to 100% positive. Damn you Wings.
  8. Heard him say shutout, knew we were going to score.
  9. Alright not as bad as I thought. I thought he had more speed and drove his head into the boards but he was just very vulnerable.
  10. I'll wait til I see the replay, but I want to say that was dirty as f***.
  11. Refs suck tonight
  12. I don't know what Chicago's problem is with Detroit. I swear they chant Detroit sucks at every game no matter who they play and even at concerts and s*** where its not even hockey related. They just seem to be really mad at us for some reason.
  13. Whelp was just about to say Ranger's PP% is horrible, we might have a chance killing this, but nope.
  14. You'd be crazy to have good feelings before this game. We're playing the Eastern Conference leader and we're in a slump with a bunch of injuries and our so-far unreliable back-up back-up goalie. Now I hope they pull this off, but the odds are stacked against us and these are the games where you get to see if the team has heart.