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  1. Unbelievably sad. As much crap as McCrimmon got, no one or their family deserves this. Just a sad, sad day for all that lost their lives and their families.
  2. You read my post? Because it makes me feel better knowing that game was worse. lol
  3. Wish I could say the same. I was in Pittsburgh at the in laws...I've never wanted to knock my father in law out, until he screamed "Super Bowl and Stanley Cup!! City of champions!" f*** I hate that city.....
  4. A healthy Detroit wins this game IMO
  5. Bottom line for this team is they have to get tougher for next year.
  6. welp good season fellas.....
  7. Good to know Dats can take an arm off with his slapshot
  8. Howard is out...here's the season boys
  9. SJ is just going to sit back now
  10. f*** our PP
  11. Can we decline the PP? lol
  12. lol......that shouldn't go in....ever....I love you Pavs
  13. welp, off to bed....that's the dagger
  14. ******* damnit
  15. Kronner just whiffed on the game tying shot