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  1. howeaboutthat

  2. NEW Datsyuk Stick Handling Video

    Thats not so hard, I can do that. Well something like that. I can stand on the ice with a stick....
  3. 2/17 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Lightning 2

    Glad I caught the game, what a cracker that was. Unfortunately for some reason I couldn't access the FSD feed through my Slingbox so had to make do with the Tampa Bay version via ESPN America. Its not the same watching the Red Wings without Redmond and Daniels.
  4. Draper the goal scorer

    He best make his mind up quick, apparently he has 20 seconds to comply......
  5. Draper the goal scorer

    Whats not to love about Draper? I'd buy that for a dollar.
  6. And he does it again!

    When even the NA boys flag waver-in-chief, Don Cherry, is criticising your play you may well have a problem.
  7. And he does it again!

    As has been said, in the era of Probert/Kocur et al this sort of thing was self-policing. You played dirty then you watched your back because a train would be coming for you. Unfortunately the modern game is in many ways faster and as a result teams can't carry an all-out enforcer but this should really be where those numpties in Toronto are stepping in. Toronto needs to be picking up where the enforcers left off but as we've seen, Toronto can't even make accurate calls on the simple matter of goals/non-goals, let alone calling out players for being dirty. The NHL is at a tipping point and it nees to decide which way it wants to go. Throw the instigator rule and allow teams, if they so wish, to police the ice themselves or start making decisions to stop players like Cooke attempting to end other players careers?
  8. Biggest looking hit of the new year

    This thread needs more Konstantinov.
  9. NHL ASG Entertainment to Suck

    You don't need to go to the south to see rednecks. A few years back a load moved up to the Detroit area and the city of Taylortucky was born. Yeehaw. As for the All Star Game, I've a 'Bob Probert's Greatest Fights' DVD I can watch instead. Now thats entertainment.
  10. Nabokov claimed by NYI, refuses to report, suspended

    I seem to remember some vague rule in the distant past that says netminders can choose to play with an out-skater stick rather than a goalie one. Could be an interesting time to experiment in 'real world' conditions if Nabokov decides to take Wang's money.
  11. Nabokov claimed by NYI, refuses to report, suspended

    Fistly, before anyone jumps on, I know how waivers work. Right, got that out of the way. Having a gander over on HF Forums I'm just amazed at the comments being made defending Snow for attempting to grab Nabokov. "How was he (Snow) supposed to know Nabokov didn't want to play for the Isles" seems quite a popular one. Hint, he signed for the Red Wings. Yes, as I said, I know how waivers work but the head scratching and "whodathunkit?" type comments over Nabby not wanting to play for the league's comedy element, backed up by similar comments from Wang and Snow are just gobsmacking. Are the Isles really trying to play the "we're a great organisation, why would anyone want to turn us down" card against all the evidence that counters such claims? Its a funny old world.
  12. ASG Starter "to stay home" due to injury

    I'm no doctor either (I'm a trauma nurse and ex-RAF aeromed nurse) but flying whilst still suffering the effects of concussion is considered a big no-no. Considering Crosby is still apparently suffering concussion after missing 10 games I'd suggest its possibly serious enough not to bother with flying somewhere to do grip and grin photos. There are a lot of things to dislike Crosby for but suffering a concussion is no laughing matter and one that has kept him out of 10 games must be pretty bad.
  13. Who is the most hated man on LGW?

    Could age of the respondents affect this poll? For me there can be no other than Lemieux. Yes Crosby is a ****** but how often is he of relevence to teams in the Western Conference? Aside from the fact you can't watch a hockey-related sports show without mention of the flightless whinger in the purely playing sense he factors very little with regards the Detroit Red Wings. Yes he picked up the SC against the Red Wings but he also watched it being raised up in front of him the previous year (or had he left the ice by then?). Thats 1-1. How likely do you think he and the 'Guins will repeat this feat? Lemieux though was a major factor during multiple league and play-off runs for the Red Wings. His cowardly actions and dirty play culminated in the 'one dollar man' being injured. Crosby is the product of the NHL spin machine. Lemieux was a ****** of his own making.
  14. Best Red Wings Picture in a while...

    Great picture. Apparently the pilot of this RAF Tornado is a 'Hawks fan.
  15. Youngsters ditching the visors

    Visors aren't the answer to everything. He currenty plays for Nottingham Panthers in the EIHL and is slotting them away quite nicely, 8 goals and 7 assists in 12 games. The daft thing over here though is that league rules mean everyone has to wear a visor, including enforcers (Beauregard BTW wears a full cage).