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  1. This or That

    Starbucks For those who have been to Philly: Pat's or Geno's (I just got back from there from a trip there) For everybody: Deep Dish or thin crust pizza?
  2. beers!

    If I'm looking to not spend too much money and get a good beer, I'd say I would usually buy Yuengling, although I hear it's not really available many places other than PA (where it's made) and the surrounding states. Other Ones I've tried and recommend: Flying Dog's Road Dog-it's a good porter Corona is nice for summer, especially while hanging out outside Hebrew Genesis Ale-Light Brown Ale Most Sam Adams-my favorite being Oktoberfest Railbender Dogfish Head 60 min IPA
  3. Pronger the Puck Thief

    I really don't think Pronger stealing the game pucks is really that big of a deal. He's just trying to mess with the Hawks and fire up his own team. I don't condone it but people are blowing the whole thing out of proportion. I will says this though...shooting the towel at Eager was stupid. All he had to do was skate off the ice, but instead he got a game misconduct penalty (I think) along with Eager.
  4. SCF Game 3 GDT

    I don't think they are toast yet. Pittsburgh came back from being down 0-2. Unfortunately for the Flyers, I'm not so sure they are good enough to pull off the same thing. They are something like 3-7 or 3-9 when being down 0-2. They should, however, be able to win game 3, 4, or both if they can keep up the intensity and speed they showed at the end of game 2. The puck is bound to go in at some point.
  5. hasek to khl?

    Pretty crazy that he wants to/thinks he can still play at that high of a level. More power to him.
  6. Ian Laperriere

    The return of Laperriere would be great for the Flyers but probably won't happen until the Stanley Cup Finals if they make it that far. He showed a lot of heart battling for them and sacrificing himself.
  7. Youngest Staal traded to Carolina

    Haha they should throw them all one team. They'll be the Stall line! That would actually be a pretty good line though. And Marc will be on as well with them
  8. Crosby Should Get More Blame than Ovechkin

    People weren't really disseminated in Ovechkin's series performance, just the most important game of the series
  9. Hawks or sharks?

    Hawks will win in 6
  10. Montreal rioting after win

    This explains my feelings towards the matter.
  11. For the Hockey Players Out There

    Yo they have facebook and twitter accounts set up. I'm am stoked for these skates to come out. Hopefully they give us some more info soon http://www.facebook.com/pages/MLX-Skates/108723432494094 http://twitter.com/mlxskates
  12. song title game

    "Here I am" - Bryan Adams
  13. This or That

    Extra crispy Action or Comedy Film
  14. Post Everytime You Look

    Dammit now so am I
  15. What are you listening to? 2?

    Eminem - My name is..............Classic