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  1. That was def sick. The kids are alright
  2. Let's just avoid that injury bug this year. What did they do with Franzens contract?
  3. Why was Vanek out?
  4. Good thing Howard wasn't in there. No way he would have made it that deep in the shootout. Which makes you wonder is it the goalies fault or the shooters fault for not scoring?
  5. I gotta think trading a couple guys or three for one guy would get under the cap and a good Dman
  6. Nyquist mantha and a high pick for Trouba and a low pick
  7. So we are now over the cap and haven't addressed defensive holes. And when I say holes I mean the s*** play of E and the decline of Kronwall. Is there a trade coming or what?
  8. So, all the other stuff aside, how much are you guys enjoying the fact that Toronto has likely a worse team if not the same going into the next season? Makes me laugh. I thought for sure stammer would head home. Looks like playing in Canada isn't all it's cracked up to be. Babs will be "feeling the pain" for a while
  9. You forgot Bernie Sanders and all these people
  10. So on the players one day with the cup, is it the original or the replica or presentation?
  11. Wow. Really? I was referring mostly to the fact he dodged the draft and the supposed justification for doing so. Nothing to do with race at all. Thanks for assumptions. Love it. Like you don't even know. Also, my point was as we all agree, Howe was a stand up class act. But only sports outlets are discussing him. Not even a hey, btw Hockey legend gordie Howe died on any of the mainstream and even alternative news media, nothing. So really my point was the news just likes controversy and stirring the pot. I would appreciate a feel good story from time to time. Gordie deserves it 100%.
  12. And the family stayed for every one of them. Yet I still don't see any of this on mainstream news like Ali. Total disgrace to give attention to a divisive and controversial figure and not to one of the most stand up human beings and his family of our lifetimes.
  13. Is Crosby your boyfriend?