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  1. its similar to how everybody who isn't a yankees fan hates the yankees.
  2. I live in toledo (off airport highway) and haven't had a wings game blacked out for over 3 years now. Your problem is being with time warner, i have buckeye cable and its the s***.
  3. lets all argue about where the goods you buy come from rabblerablerabble this is a hockey forum, take your bickering to
  4. Nice, the walleye have been hurt with call ups and injuries. Their top 2 d-man are out (Injury and a Rockford AHL callup) so this will be a nice fit with Johathon Carlsson (Chi. Prospect).
  5. I realize this should probably be in the prospects or Gr sub-forum, but the game is in five hours an they don't get the views. But, Travis Erhardt is gonna be with the Walleye tonight, so does anybody have any info on what to expect out of him? Other than on hockeydb, I haven't been able to get any scouting info. help, pls and thx.
  6. I've been watching Pearce a lot this season, he's bad. they score on his 5 hole all day, one game i counted three easy saves because of the gap in his legs.
  7. this
  8. around the corner from the main entrance of the joe is the side players entrance/olymphia club entrance. be there two or three hours before the game and catch them when they walk in.
  9. Sebastian Piche has been sent down to Toledo, I don't know much about this kid, but am excited to see him play. Anybody have anything on this youngster on the point?
  10. He was my favorite player when he was with the Toledo Storm.
  11. post some pics would like to see.